Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dirty Little LuLu–March 10, 2012

Look closely at LuLu’s chest. Do you see all the black? Well, she’s not as small as she used to be and to crawl under the deck now is a tight squeeze, scooting over black, composted garden soil. Wet garden soil. But she loves to crawl under there and then poke her head out at Wally, teasing The Big Guy who has long since outgrown the space where he once loved to play, as well.
“You mean, just because she got dirty I have to stay outside, too?”

After a lot of water and scrubbing she was fit to come back in. I believe she thought she’d done something naughty, so the whole time I was cleaning her I used my happy voice to reassure her that’s just what puppies do and it’s okay she’s a good girl Mommy loves her sweet baby and the dirtier you get the more fun you have and you sure look like you had a lot of fun. You get the picture. She carried the scent of the good earth for a while, but then, I like that scent, too. My earthy little puppy.
Naturally, once the door was open Wally decided he preferred to stay outside on the sunny deck. As long as he has a choice and he doesn’t feel cut off from his people, he’ll always choose outside. I can’t wait for summer when the doors can stay open all day.

Wally and LuLu send their love. They’re very free and generous with it and, believe me, nothing would make them happier than to give it to you in person. Have a beautiful day!

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