Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fun is Where You Find It–April 14, 2012

Hello! Are you ready for the weekend to begin? We’re supposed to have sun, so I’m looking forward to spending some time sprucing up the garden. We haven’t had much of a spring yet and any time spent outside is a pretty wet proposition. Wally and LuLu care not one bit, though. In fact, if there’s water to be found, they’ll find it.
I was out throwing the ball for the puppies the other day and when it got a little too slobbery and dirty I stepped over to this old wheelbarrow full of rainwater to wash it off. Well, LuLu couldn’t believe she’d never noticed this water wonderland before and she climbed right up in there and started splashing around like a baby in a bathtub. Wally then thought it was great fun to retrieve the ball and drop it in the wheelbarrow each time and watch Mom push up her sleeve to fish it out. I tell you, I can’t do anything with these guys without getting wet.

LuLu is officially back to unrestricted play as of today. As far as she’s concerned it’s none too soon. I’m afraid she hasn’t been very good about following doctor’s orders and she goes on a tear every now and then. Today she has my blessing. She’s all healed up and looking fine. I think a good run in the sand dunes is in order.

Till then she’ll have her fun wherever she can find it. You know how it is… you buy your kids all these expensive toys and what do they do? Splash around in an old wheelbarrow full of rainwater.
Have a great day!

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