Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I’ve Been Very Sick–Jan. 28, 2012

I just wanted to offer some explanation as to why I haven’t posted this week. Last Saturday night I was taken down by a virus and it hasn’t let go of me yet. I’ll spare you all the details, but I will say that I wound up in the ER Wednesday night, as it became more than I could manage on my own. They fixed me up with some fluid and some drugs for pain and nausea. The nausea pills make me drowsy and give me a headache. The pain pills don’t counteract the headache. Funny.
I haven’t answered emails or visited blogs or stamped in a week. You can imagine all the other things I haven’t done, as well. So much to do, but I’m taking it slow and easy.
I haven’t been out with Wally and LuLu this week, of course. Not that they aren’t getting their fun and exercise – my husband’s been taking care of that – but me and my camera have stayed behind. I haven’t even played around with the settings on my new camera yet. I’ve snapped a few at random and they’re certainly not the best, but I just love my sweet subjects. The babies are never far away, and they’re always very, very good.


I’ve been calling LuLu “Plushpuppy” lately. Someone asked me a while back if I gave my dogs nicknames. At the time LuLu really hadn’t grown into a nickname yet, but Plushpuppy is sticking now. Her coat is so thick and soft and, well… plush. You can’t help but want to sink your hands into it and she’s always more than ready to let you. There are few things I love more than to have both Wally and LuLu cuddled with me on the couch, and there’s been plenty of couch time this week. Just what the doctor ordered – cuddle two Golden Retrievers and call me in the morning.
I hope you’re all well and happy and having a good weekend. I’ll be back in the swing of things soon, but for now I’m just easing through this with my precious little Plushpuppy and the sweetest Big Guy a girl could ever hope to meet. Take care!

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