Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Doggie Saturday–April 7, 2012

Hello, and happy Saturday!
A few days before LuLu’s stitches were due to come out she developed a bulge near her incision site. I took her to the vet who aspirated some bloody fluid, stating it was nothing to be alarmed about, her incision looked good, and she wasn’t concerned at all. The bandage is meant to apply pressure and lessen the drainage accumulating in her abdominal cavity. It gives her quite the hourglass figure, doesn’t it? Maybe I should try one of those.
Her stitches are coming out today, though I’m not convinced her incision looks quite healed enough. I’ve already removed the bandage and LuLu still has a bulge. I’m trying not to worry. There was no infection in the fluid, so that’s a good thing, and LuLu is 100% happy and perky.

Hopefully, she’ll be released to full rough and tumble puppy play soon. Pictured below are Wally and LuLu with Tori, the girl next door – prior to surgery. They sure know how to have a good time!

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for good news from the vet. I hope you’ll have a beautiful Easter weekend!

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