Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Picture of Happiness–March 24, 2012


Hello and happy Saturday! If you click to enlarge the photo above you can see the water droplets flying off Wally and LuLu’s wagging tails. They have so much fun when we take them out, and they’re so appreciative and joyful it guarantees we’ll want to do it again and again because it makes us happy, too.


LuLu had never seen a cow before and she was fascinated… from a safe distance.


She feels secure with her big, strong Wally by her side. Check out the curl in Wally’s tail (photo below). The more on alert he is, the more his tail curls. That is so not the Golden Retriever standard, but I so do not care. Though he comes from registered AKC stock, we never bothered to register either Wally or LuLu. We wanted Goldens for their temperament and intelligence. Wally is the most amazingly brilliant, loving, sensitive and gentle soul and we could never have hoped for a better dog. I don’t think LuLu could curl her tail if she tried. She’s going to be a beautiful adult with a heavy coat, but most importantly she’s the very essence of love and sweetness. She makes it her job to round up the family and usher us all into one room. When she’s got us where she wants us she settles down beside Wally and waits for the cuddling to begin. She doesn’t have to ask me twice. I just sink down into the two of them and bury myself in their softness and love. It overcomes me every time.

Anyone for a swim?

Come on in, the water’s fine!




LuLu makes like a big girl and brings back her own stick.

Sometimes you just have to run.


I’ll be making sure the kids get plenty of exercise this weekend because Monday LuLu gets spayed. I’ll miss her during her overnight stay. I’ll hurt for how sad and abandoned she’ll feel. Wally will search the house and yard for her, then lay down with his head between his paws and a sorrowful look on his face. I know him. I also know what a happy reunion it will be after a long night apart. Remember when we first brought LuLu home? Boy, has she ever worked her way into our hearts.
Have a wonderful weekend. I hope Wally and LuLu brought you a smile or two. They’d be happy to know it.

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