Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I Love Spring!

Sunday was our prettiest day yet.  I don’t know what the temperature was, but at midday it was too hot to sit on the sunny deck so we ate our lunch in the shade at the picnic table.  I worked in the garden all day, transplanting, trimming, weeding, and just generally soaking up the sunshine.  Oh, my gosh, it felt so good!

Pictured below is my earliest blooming azalea.  It’s young and small and has struggled against clumsy canine odds to establish itself, but it’s a survivor and one day will fill its spot with glorious blooms.


This next photo is one of the prettiest and most beloved sights in the garden.


I don’t know why LuLu likes this particular azalea so much, but she always nestles herself there in its branches.  Maybe because she knows it makes such a pretty picture?  This azalea is full grown, large enough to handle LuLu’s attention.  It’s the second azalea to bloom, but the yellow deciduous is popping out with color, too.  Several others are in various stages of bud, which will assure azalea blooms well throughout the spring.  I’m so excited to be gardening again in the pretty sunshine!  It’s time to start filling up the pots, I think.  Have a beautiful day!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

He’s Still Just a Big Puppy

There’s our beautiful Wally, mature and stately, living a dog’s dream life -- sand, sea, and sun.  Every day is a fabulous day.  What a lucky dog!


Here he is as a puppy on his first big outing, a mere taste of things to come.  We often wonder how his siblings fared in their lives.  We hope they are as happy as Wally.





He was the cutest little guy!

Someone once told me that two Goldens are better than one, and I have found that to be true.  Sometimes it’s almost more than I can bear.  Can your heart get too full?  It feels like it could burst.

IMG_2264 (3)

Have a beautiful weekend!