Saturday, June 8, 2019

Just Checking In

Hello!  I haven't checked in here for a while so thought, perhaps, it was time.  I've been busy on my stamping blog, trying to get ahead for summer, but there's always the garden, as well.  We even went for a two day camping trip in May.  I've been remiss... I don't have a lot of great pictures from that trip, but I'll see what I can come up with for sharing later.  First, this and that around the garden...

My sweet LuLu... we recently learned she has arthritis in her left front leg.  She's only 7 years old, but Dr. thinks it's from an old injury which I can't recall, but dogs never complain.  He says her days of hard running are over.  Sniffy walks and swimming are okay.  We're making do, but I tell you my heart was broken.  With pain management she's doing okay for the time being.

My hydrangea out front is a particularly delicate color this year.  Last year the hydrangeas barely bloomed and one of them even rotted at the roots and had to be dug out.  It appears this is going to be a better year.

The white Foxglove is my favorite.  I'm never certain which ones will be which color.  I let them reseed, pull out those that pop up in inconvenient places and then it's come what may.  I was so happy to see the white this year.

One of several hostas I grow in pots:

A place to just sit:

Thank you for dropping in.  Wishing you a beautiful day!