Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Wildflower Meadow with Goldens

Hello!  Although I'm posting these pics near the end of August, they were taken in July on our way home from camping.  We were heading into the Willamette Pass from our week-long camping in central Oregon -- South Fork RV Park in Dayville (see previous post) -- when we spotted a rest area we hadn't noticed before.  It looked like a good place to stop for lunch and let the dogs out for a while.  Oh, my goodness... we walked out to the area behind the rest stop and found the most beautiful place!

I wouldn't expect to see so many different wildflowers in July, but a wet spring presented a photo opportunity I couldn't let pass -- Goldens and wildflowers, sigh.  The first is LuLu.  I chose this photo because it showed such a variety of flowers.

Wally is a handsome guy in the grassy meadow with a few flowers in the foreground.

Next is a wider angle, different view.  Everywhere we turned and every step we took brought another beautiful sight.

I took a few shots of Rich playing with Wally and LuLu and I wanted to share this one to show how far off in the distance the meadow reaches.

We walked up the hill into the woods.  Pictured below is a whole different panorama.

 There were more flowers blooming in the woods wherever a spot of sun reached through the trees.

This angle looks back toward the road.

LuLu again.  You wouldn't believe how many pictures I took, or maybe you would.  You know me.

Below is Wally being Wally.

The last photo is closer to the actual rest area as we were heading back to the motor home.  See LuLu peeking out from behind the tree?  She tickles my funny bone!

We've just returned from a multi-state trip, having been gone more than two weeks.  I have over 200 photos from that trip and, believe me, I was trying to be selective.  I promise I won't share all of them, but the sorting will keep me busy for a while.  I have a feeling our 2019 photo book will be very thick.  I do enjoy looking through them and quite often I pull a few off the shelf to reminisce and smile.

I hope you've been having a good summer and will enjoy what's left of it.  Fall can be a beautiful season, too.  Take care!

Thursday, August 8, 2019

July Camping

Hello, friends!  Now that it's August I'm finally sharing our camp pics from July.  We spent a week at our favorite home away from home where we did nothing but relax and play.  Today's pics don't show a lot of scenery; they're simply about the camp experience.

We were at an RV park in eastern Oregon.  It's beautiful, quiet, and very dog friendly.  I always take at least one picture of the camp set up.  Doesn't it look peaceful?

Pictured below is a partial view of the park where you can see how it's nearly empty except for the Cottonwoods and Alders.

It's no surprise why they're called Cottonwood.  The fluff carries the seeds on the wind.  Do you see the bug trying to hide in the leaves?

We had plenty of play time.  Gee, could that be why Wally and LuLu love camping so much?

The river floods into the lower camp every year, but this past winter was worse than usual.  I was glad to see that just enough Forget-Me-Nots survived to reseed for the future.

Wet Goldens are happy Goldens.

When the temperature hit 93 degrees and climbing it was time to dry off and go inside to the air conditioning.

Rich is fixing a snack and Wally is very interested.  You can see Rich's solitaire on the laptop, and across the table I'm all set up for coloring.  We had plenty of time for naps and reading, too.

Hollyhocks originally planted by the owner's wife (deceased) have naturalized.

Final two photos are down by the water again, different spot.  When you're the only campers there you can wander freely.

I do have some pictures of another place we stopped on our route.  It was so beautiful I couldn't stop taking pictures.  Places like that are the whole reason I love road trips.  You never know what you'll come across.  In fact, that's how we found the park in today's pics.  Last summer we did a come-what-may road trip and just happened to come upon this place when we were ready to stop for the night.  We ended up staying four days and we've been back twice since then.  We're going there again in September with some friends who also have a motor home.

I hope it won't be long before I sort through the rest of the July photos.  There are so many and we've been on the road again... making more photos.  Take care, and have a wonderful day!