Saturday, August 20, 2016

Better Every Day

On Day 7 post surgery Wally sang a song, so we knew he was feeling better.  Our little LuLu usually sings along with him in her sweet soprano voice, but it took her by surprise since it's been so long since Wally felt like singing.  She was walking around with a ball in her mouth so her song came out a little garbled, but it was beautiful nonetheless.  We were so happy to hear Wally singing and, boy, did we ever make a big fuss over both of them!
Just look at those happy faces:


It's good to see Wally smiling again.  He has such a sweet face.
The singing is always prefaced by a musical introduction on a squeaky toy.  It has to have a certain tone to warrant a sing-a-long, and when one squeaky toy wears out we go on a search for a new squeaky that sounds just right.
Later he did some break dancing.  There's nothing in the post op rules about break dancing.  That's when he rolls around and wiggles on his back and makes growly noises.

We allowed a teensy bit of tug o' war play time with LuLu, which was fine while Wally was laying down, but as soon as he stood up we put a stop to it.  It was fun while it lasted.

Wally even received a get well card:
It was a happy day!
It was such a happy day, in fact, that I felt like taking some flower photos.  First is my potted Coreopsis garden as seen from one of my kitchen windows.  I don't know if deer don't like coreopsis or if they just haven't found it yet.  They've certainly been browsing all around it.  The coreopsis have been in non-stop, profuse bloom since spring.
This pretty begonia surprised me by lasting the winter and coming back very nicely in the spring.  If it overwinters again I'll put it in a bigger pot and see how much it grows.  It's a gorgeous thing.
Pictured below is Lobelia cardinalis (or cardinal flower).  It's a perennial lobelia, tall, late blooming, fabulous red flower spikes and reddish foliage.  It's just starting to bloom, but it's covered with buds.  Here's the BEST thing:  deer don't like it!  The first time they encounter it in the garden they'll take a bite, say "ewww", and they won't touch it again.  That's been my experience.  It is labeled "deer resistant".
One last photo...  The orange wallflowers behind my adorable, sweet, precious, darling LuLu have been in bloom like this since early spring.  I've been planting long-blooming perennials in my pots the last couple of years.  Gee, the deer haven't touched these either.
Well, I'm off to hug on some Goldens and play in the garden.  Hope you have a very nice day!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Update on Wally

Hello!  Let me start off by saying thank you for all your care and well wishes and prayers for Wally.  He's now five days post surgery and doing quite well.  The first three days it was not easy to see him so down and, of course, we fussed and worried whether it was normal.  By the fourth day he had a little more perk to him.  On that day the vet called to check on him and assured us that it sounds like Wally is coming along exactly as he should.
In the photo above he's having his little 5 minute walk about.  He's supposed to be on a leash, but in close quarters we simply hover over him with a watchful eye.  You can see some redness at his incision site, which is actually dog-type bruising and to be expected.  There's a lot more of it on the inside edge of his leg.  You also see a lipoma (fatty lump) on his hip.  It's been there quite a while, but hardly visible when he has hair.  We'll have it removed if it gets too big and unsightly.
His surgery was a tibial plateau leveling osteotomy, meaning he has a fair-sized chunk of hardware in his knee to make it functional with three torn ligaments.  It was worse than expected, but he should recover full use of his leg.  There will be no running, jumping, or playing with LuLu for 8 weeks.  It requires constant vigilance and I imagine that will become more difficult as time goes on.  After the 8 week period we'll have to gradually increase his activity until he's up to full speed.
Wally is enjoying a little outside time whenever possible.  Here he is with his little buddy, LuLu, at the back gate.  I'm not sure why he likes to lay there because there's no view of anything but the garbage can, but it's a favorite spot.  He's laying on his surgery leg -- ouch!  Apparently that's okay.  LuLu stays close.
He chose to tuck himself into this seemingly difficult spot, sheesh.  Poor guy gets tired of the couch.  On Day 4 Rich lifted him into the back of the pick up (with canopy) and took him and LuLu for a short ride.  We'll have to somehow keep Wally from getting too bored and possibly depressed during this recovery period.  He's used to so much more activity and playtime.  LuLu's feeling the impact, too, so we have to give her special attention and exercise on her own.
When I brush Wally I always croon to him, "somebody must love Wally.  You gotta love a doggie an awful lot to want to brush him and comb him and take care of him like this".  That goes on and on during the brushing.  Well... somebody must love Wally, that's for sure, because he's sure getting a lot of care and attention and it's all given freely and happily.  It's all about Wally and LuLu and love love love!  Have a good day!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Our Wally's Having Surgery

Just thought you'd like to know.
Wally's had trouble with his left knee since he was about four months old.  Scared the dickens out of me the first time we came home from a romp in The Great Outdoors and he could barely get up after his nap.  I was certain it indicated hip dysplasia, my worst fear.  That's about the time it shows up if it's going to, from what I've heard.
Although he seemed fully recovered by the next morning, I took him to the vet for an exam and x-rays and found out his knee joint was a little loose.  No evidence of hip dysplasia.  Whew!  However, I was told his condition would probably worsen over time and he'd eventually have to have surgery.  Well, that time has come.
Halfway into his last run his knee went past the point of no return and he's not been able to put weight on it ever since.  He's been referred to a specialist and is scheduled for surgery next Thursday.
Don't let the photo above fool you, though.  It makes him look like an old dog, but at seven years young, Wally is very much just a big puppy.  He wants to wrestle and run and play and can't figure out why there's no longer any morning and evening bouncy ball.  Honestly, I'm glad the day for surgery has come while he's still got the spirit of youth in him.
Things have been pretty quiet around here.  No silly stuff, Wally.  Sorry.  I'll keep you posted.  Thanks for your time and your positive thoughts.