Monday, January 27, 2014

Is it Winter Yet?

I know that much of North America is being blasted by blizzards, but, apart from a couple of thunder showers earlier this month, it’s been so sunny and warm here on the Oregon coast you’d think it’s summer, except for the lack of flowers.  I’m beginning to worry that we might have our winter in the summertime this year.  It’s very pleasant to be outdoors, though.

In the photo below I just wanted to take a picture of Wally and LuLu in front of our newly painted deck furniture.  They seem to think they’re being scolded if I tell them to sit when I don’t have a treat in my hand.  Notice how they won’t look at me and they’ve got the sad eyes thing going on.  I took one quick photo and then released them from their misery.

Rich thought he would try and help.  He captured LuLu, but she doesn’t look much happier here:

Feels like summer, but looks like winter.  Here’s Wally striking his typical pose.  I must have a million pictures of him like this, as though I’ve taken just one photo of Wally and Photoshopped it onto different backgrounds.


We call this a Field and Stream photo:


And finally, a mess o’ puppies, worn out after a good long run on a feels-like-summer day:


Stretchy, stretchy:


2013 was our driest year on record, and 2014 isn’t shaping up much better so far.  All those winter ponds that Wally and LuLu love to play in are drying up.  Gardens need water.  Wildfires are burning.  And there’s still no rain of any significance in the forecast.  Know any rain dances?  We could sure use one!  Have a happy week!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Time out for Wally and LuLu

I thought I’d drop in today with my two sweetest sweethearts just to let you know they’re fine and happy, still as lovable as can be, and enjoying life as always.

We had some thunder showers over the weekend, but that doesn’t keep us inside.  We’ve had a lot of outings in all kinds of weather at all the old familiar places.  There are a handful of sites nearby we can take them to run off leash and get the kind of exercise they need, but since they are all the old familiar places the photos all start to look alike after a while and I don’t have much new to share.  I thought we might take them to the beach on Sunday – the real beach with waves and everything – and possibly get some good photos, but, even though Wally and LuLu have a guardian angel, there’s no sense tempting fate.  Just down the road from us lightening struck the ground during Saturday’s storm, travelled into the nearest house and gave it a good zap.  Storm chasers we are not, so we stayed close to home where we could duck inside when the sky turned dark.

Here, they’re heading to Sleepyville with their favorite blankies.

Below is Christmas morning, waiting for Rich to give them a Scooby Snack – a gift the neighbors had wrapped up for Wally and LuLu.


The next two are just LuLu looking pretty on Christmas morning.  Wally would hardly stand still.  He was like a little kid wanting to help everyone open their presents, hoping each present was more Scooby Snacks, I’m sure.

IMG_2624 (2)


Isn’t this what everyone does with the tissue from a gift bag?

Maybe I’ll get those beach pictures soon.  They say it’s supposed to get sunny during the week – probably while I’m at work.  Enjoy your day!