Saturday, April 27, 2019

Wally McDreamy

The two photos I'm sharing today are fairly ordinary.  I have hundreds like this of Wally looking all strong and handsome, but that's just it... I have hundreds.  Before I dismissed them altogether, I thought I'd play around with the exposure, lightening shadows and brightening highlights.  I also added a diffuse glow to each.

I just couldn't delete my Wally McDreamy.

If it wasn't for his white face you'd never guess Wally will be 10 years old in June.  He carries himself proudly, runs like an athlete, and plays like a puppy.  I realize his age, but try not to focus on it other than to adjust his care accordingly.

He becomes more sensitive and loving with each passing day.  My beautiful boy.

I hope your day just got a little sweeter.

Saturday, April 20, 2019


Oh, my word, the sun came out and it made us all very happy!

Our spring lawn is so lush Rich can hardly keep up with the mowing.  Wally and LuLu enjoyed a romp with Wally's pillow:

There was also the business of helping Rich trim the ferns:

Back to the pillow... oh, that joyous face!

Naturally, I had to add some color with my earliest blooming azalea and violets.

A female Acuba in the back yard shows plump red berries and speckled foliage:

Wally does know the proper way to handle a pillow.  Just taking a little rest:

Before the day was over he'd carried both his blankets outside, too.  Routine stuff.  He's very fond of his blankets and pillow.

A little bit of sunshine sure can lift your spirits.  I'm so looking forward to more!  Have a happy day!