Saturday, December 10, 2016

Everyday Life

Hello!  It's been a while...  I seem to have lots of photos of wet dogs with water toys and not much else to share, so today I thought I'd simply drop in with snapshots of everyday life at the Miller residence.

First of all, I want to mention that Wally is 100% recovered from his knee surgery and back to running like a 2 year old.  We're keeping him in shape with lots of swimming and running and walking.  It's not the best weather for it with all our rain, but it makes no difference to the dogs.

Okay, now about that everyday life...  We've put up some squirrel feeders.  We started with one feeder for the one squirrel that was hanging around, then a second feeder for the competition that showed up.  Now there are three squirrels and we've added a third feeder.  Squirrels do not share quite as nicely as the birds do.  These feeders are full of critter crunch which the jays love, as well.  So now the squirrels and jays have to take turns.  I wonder how many squirrels are going to show up?  Wally followed Rich as far up the tree as he could manage.

Here's one of the little critters now.  Our squirrels here on the coast are Douglas squirrels -- grayish brown on top with red tummies.  They're not much bigger than chipmunks.

LuLu is our official squirrel watcher.

I went outside to take a picture of this hydrangea hanger on...

...and turned around and saw this:

She's giving me "the look".  How dare I go outside without her?

Lastly, we have Rich hanging the Christmas lights with Wally watching out below.

Simple, ordinary, everyday life.  Happy holidays!