Saturday, June 27, 2015

Our Wally–Six Years Young Today

I thought I’d share these photos of our Wally.  Do you remember him as a puppy?  He was so cute!  We’re celebrating his sixth birthday today.  Happy birthday, Wally!!

These days when a stranger passes by they always comment, “Aw, there’s an old one”.  See, the white mask that many Goldens develop is becoming more pronounced on Wally.  I’m always quick to proclaim “he’s only five!”  Six now, of course.  But I don’t want to think of our Wally getting older.  I want lots and lots more years with him.  Endless years.  He’s still cute.  And young.  So there.




I love our Wally and his bright eyed, happy face, mask and all.  And when his face turns snow white I’ll take it in my hands and kiss it all over and tell him how beautiful he is.  Our beautiful, dear, sweet, good, kind, six years young, Wally.  Thank you for sharing this special day with us.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Our Day

On this day there was no housework or gardening or stamping.  We took the dogs up the river and simply played.  Had a picnic lunch, hiked along the river’s edge, threw sticks, waded in with the pant legs rolled up, lounged on the rocks.  The river looks more like a stream with its water level much too low for this time of year.  However, there were holes deep enough for Wally and LuLu to swim in, and I don’t think it mattered much to them, anyway.  As long as they could get wet.  They do love the water!


Wally’s waiting for one of those sticks.


LuLu’s striking her showgirl pose.


And the photo below is about as good as it gets when it comes to Rich taking a picture of me.


I love Wednesdays and weekends.  Pretty soon I’ll be loving all the days in-between, too!  Have a good day!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

We're Officially in a Drought

Poor Mr. Froggie's rain gauge has been empty for too long.

We got very little rain over the winter, and it doesn't rain here in the summer, usually, so we've got a long way to go before we can even hope.  I don't like to think what could happen to the garden, but that's a small worry compared to what some folks may experience.  Keeping my chin up and fingers crossed!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Just Cute

I didn't ask them to pose like this.  They just did it.  LuLu climbed up in the stump and Wally perched himself at it's base.  I ran for my camera and probably missed the best shot, but this one is pretty darn cute.  I'm sure this will be one of next year's calendar pictures.

This one is pretty cute, too:

Have a happy day!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Two Dogs and a Towel

Hello!  These pics follow the interlude with the hose which I shared before.  Wally and LuLu got good and wet helping Rich wash the car, so after they (ahem) put the hose away they enjoyed a toweling off.  Naturally, it all turns into a game.  Everything is fun for these guys.






Here’s LuLu finally ready to settle down.  They’d had a big day playing in the sunshine.


We’re all enjoying spring here.  A little rain, a little sunshine. . . I’d better start planting up those pots so I can have some May flowers!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Two Dogs and a Hose

Rich washed my car the other day and the kids helped him put the hose away.  Usually they’re real gentle with it, but after this tug of war Rich said he hoped it wasn’t a sprinkler hose.


Wally likes to flip it over his back and wrap himself up in it.




LuLu is wondering where the water is.  See that little shaved patch on her foreleg?  That’s from the IV she had during her hospital stay.  She’s feeling much better now.


Of course, everything ends up in a big puppy pile.


They look happy, don’t they?  That’s all that matters.  Hope you have a happy day, too!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring 2015

Hello!  Long time, no post, but now that spring has sprung I’m feeling much more like being out with the camera.  Our little LuLu, as many of you know, had a bout of very scary illness, but she’s feeling much better now.  Here’s the little critter as we speak. . .


Oops, wrong end, but isn’t that the cutest curly bottom?  Here you go. . . she was after a ball.  Actually, she likes to pretend the ball went into the bush and she’s having a hard time retrieving it when, in truth, she put it there, herself.  Wally just wants to continue his game of fetch, but that’s what he gets for giving the ball to LuLu.  He’ll retrieve it for us, but he won’t let go of it (unless we’re on the back porch – there’s a reason for that, another story, another time).  Maybe we should try biting at his leg.  That’s LuLu’s trick.


Below is a vibrant color combo outside my kitchen door.  That’ll wake you up in the morning!


And here’s LuLu again with her raggedy tennis ball.  She’s under the smoke tree which is just starting to leaf out.


We’ve been staying close to home, increasing activity slowly.  Wally is showing signs of starting up with the colitis again, so I continue to watch closely.  Thank you all so much for your concern and well wishes.  Have a happy day!