Saturday, May 4, 2019

May Garden and Stuff

Hi, there!  Just miscellaneous this and that today, but I did want to check in here.  I've been busy both outside and inside.  Mornings I go to my stamp room and do whatever coloring I have time for.  However, I look out the window and the garden calls to me.  There is a little color showing here and there.

Next up is our Wally who keeps us in stitches.  I love a guy with a sense of humor.  His new thing --every night after dinner, but before sniffy walk, he decided it would be fun to drag the sleeping bag out of the spare room and onto the couch.  Every single night.  It actually was a comical sight and since we didn't feel it warranted scolding, we just laughed and made a big fuss over him.  Every single night.  I know... he holds us in the palm of his paw.  Rich finally took the sleeping bag out to the motor home where it's supposed to be in the first place.

Who's taking whom for after dinner sniffy walk?  I'm on the other end of the leash, but, clearly, LuLu's the one in charge.  A neighborhood friend we sometimes meet up with snapped this picture.  The angle makes LuLu's legs look so short!

Well, I'd better get a move on.  As I write this we've just finished dinner and are getting ready to go for sniffy walk.  The wind's blowing again and it's cold, but Wally and LuLu need to see what's new in the neighborhood.  Have a good weekend!