Saturday, February 20, 2021

Catching Up

Oh, my gosh, I haven't posted here since August last year!  I go through these dormant spells on this blog, but it's catch up time now.

First I'll share from our final camping trip at the lake last summer.  Our friend came out to visit (outside, safely) one day and brought his furry family with him.  What a time they had!

The next two pics are wildflowers at the lake 'cause I can't resist photographing pretty much every flower I see.


September of 2020 was a tragic month for many in the western US who lost their homes, entire towns, their lives.  We were safe here, but now and then the smoke closed in on us from all directions.  Pictured below is the sun in late afternoon in a smoke-filled sky.  I can only imagine what it must have been like for those much closer to the fires.

Skipping to November for a couple of backyard shots:

The impatiens aren't looking their best by November, but LuLu still enjoys them:

LuLu again, loving a November day out in the wide open spaces...

... and in December, bringing Christmas dog treats home from our friend's house down the street.

My beloved family in our backyard, December:

There's even a pic of me and the dogs.  This one was taken at a favorite outdoor spot in January this year:

The last two photos bring us up to this month -- Wally with his Christmas moose:

Wally and LuLu taking themselves for a walk:

It's been a whole year of living life under the limitations of a virus pandemic, but we've managed to enjoy ourselves.  Thank goodness for our little family unit.  I hope to be here again before too long.  We're working on some home improvement projects that will keep us busy for a while, but that can be fun, too.  Wishing you a happy day!