Saturday, January 19, 2019

Just Checking In

It's been a while.  Typical me with too many projects and plans, but then something always falls by the wayside.  Well, before I let things go too far I thought I'd pop in for a Saturday "hello" here on Goldens and Garden.

It's winter, so there's only so much we can do outside between rain showers.  Below is a December 2018 morning as seen from my kitchen doorway.

Next:  Wally thinks biggest is best.

In an otherwise bleak landscape these Pampas Grass plumes, though nearly spent, show silvery beauty against a welcome blue sky.

I'll be off and running again like LuLu, below.  Something about the new year and having Christmas behind me...

We need to plan a trip, even if just overnight down the coast.  Why are hair, doctor, and car appointments always on sunny days?  Wet dogs in an RV aren't such a good thing.  For the time being I've got plenty to keep me occupied indoors, and we'll get out when we can.  Is there any such thing as "nothing to do"?  Have a happy day!