Monday, October 17, 2016

Rain, Rain, Go Away and Come Back Later, Please

Hello!  Long time no post, but I thought you'd like to know that Wally went for his follow up appointment and x-ray last Monday and he's got the green light to move ahead with his activity.  His bones are all healed and, let me tell you, looking at the x-ray I can see Humpty Dumpty has nothing on Wally.  However, unlike Humpty Dumpty, he was put back together beautifully.  Now we have to be very careful to work him up gradually to full steam.  The walks are longer, he's allowed a little running, and will go for a short swim a couple times a week soon.
Just when we got that news it started raining and has hardly let up.  Maybe you've heard about the northwest storms on the news.  On Saturday we got an emergency broadcast that told us to go to an interior room because tornado-like winds and nickel-sized hail were coming any minute.  Well, we dodged that bullet, but north of us folks were not so lucky.  There was a small tornado up the coast on Friday, but we've barely had a wind gust.  Not complaining.  Here's Rich and the kids coming back from a rainy walk:
We either walk together or trade off.  I love to walk in the rain, but I detest slogging along in rain pants.  When I go I simply accept that I'll come back wet from the hem of my raincoat down.
It's business as usual here at home.  The deer are still enjoying my flowers and bird seed.  This guy's wondering if it's safe to come out:
He looks like a deer statue, doesn't he?  Hardly...
I've decided to quit fretting about the deer and the garden.  A new neighborhood development has encroached on their green zone, so it's getting more difficult for them to find food.  We don't have a deer population explosion, but their territory has shrunk.  I watch them approaching through the trees and I stay quiet as they nibble -- a little bite, then head up, ears twitching, listening, worried and fearful.  I would not like to take each meal in such a manner.  I have plenty in the garden the deer don't eat, so I'm not going to keep trying to grow things they enjoy.  They love the impatiens which I was hoping to grow in the shade around the bird bath.  It was like putting a pot of food out for the deer.  I finally moved those pots to Wally and LuLu's fenced-in backyard.
Well, that's all from the home front today.  It's time to dry off some dogs.
Have a good day!