Saturday, February 23, 2013

Look Alikes

You know how they say people tend to look like their dogs . . .


I laughed myself silly when I saw this picture.  They have the exact same expression!  What will they look like after a few more years, I wonder?  Hope this tickled your funny bone.  Have a great day!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wally and LuLu

Wally and LuLu are in the prime of their lives – healthy, vigorous, and very happy.




I’m thinking today of a friend’s family dog, Olivia, also a Golden Retriever, who passed on Thursday.  She was well loved and had a good life, and we know it’s natural for a dog’s life to be relatively short, but it still seems unfair when they’re so good.  My heart hurts for Olivia’s family’s, bless their hearts.  I thought my dedication to Wally and LuLu’s happiness could not be more sincere, but it has just stepped up a notch.  I need to reciprocate that goodness, to let it spread out around me, to be thankful for every moment and for how they’ve enriched my life and filled my heart.  Thank you for being here with us today.  Love.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Peek-A-Boo LuLu

Wally and LuLu both like to pretend that if you toss a blanket over them they completely disappear, and if they hold very, very still you’ll never find them.  “Where’s LuLu?  LuuuuuLuuuu…   Have you seen LuLu?  She was here just a minute ago.  LuuuuuLuuuu…”  Wally likes to toss the blanket off with a flourish and a big smile, so proud of himself for fooling you.  LuLu inches her way out a little at a time.


Just a little Saturday smile.  Enjoy your weekend!