Saturday, July 30, 2016


It wouldn't be summer without a picture of a Swallowtail.  They're so beautiful.
This year I "caught" a Red Admiral sitting still long enough to get a photo, too.   They're very elusive and fluttery, so I had to be quick.  Not the greatest photo, but I was happy even for this.
Pictured below are two of my problems in the garden.  These are both three point bucks who've grown up munching on my garden.  I also have a doe and two spotted fawns this year.  This photo was taken in the evening from my kitchen window so, again, not such good quality.
The deer will also eat the bird seed from the hopper feeder.  I couldn't figure out why the seed would disappear overnight after I'd just filled it, but on the day this photo was taken I had just filled the feeder and it was empty immediately after their visit.  Now I only put a scoop at a time in there.
And check out the action below:
Another kitchen window photo.  Well, kitties have to drink, too.  I've done what I can to keep the feeders out of harm's way, but there's only so much I can do.   The birds sound the alarm when one of the neighborhood cats come around, so I always know when they're out there.  Only two of them seem to enjoy bird watching (ahem).  Feeders or no feeders, cats and birds will do what cats and birds do.  I love all the critters so I bear them no ill will, despite how it would hurt my heart should the unthinkable happen.
It would be quite another story if any critter -- four legged, two legged, winged, or slithering -- ever threatened one of my children.  No more Mrs. Nice Guy.
That's my sweet LuLu, and she wouldn't harm a fly.  Well, maybe a fly...
Have a beautiful day!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Peaceful Garden (Till the Jays Arrived)

The jays arrived with a flourish on July 18.  They didn't stay long, but they'll be back.  We always have jays in the summer.  I don't know about all jays, but these Stellar's Jays are a noisy bunch.  They sure raised a ruckus while they were here.

Doves are much quieter and gentler.  See him there in the bird bath?  I highly recommend clicking to see all photos enlarged in a light box.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the garden...  Hydrangea:


Daylily and Coreopsis:

Veronica and Wallflower:

My sweetest boy:

Astilbe which the deer ate after this photo was taken:

A wider view, upper walk, south side:

Our temperatures have been staying right around 70, so you know where I've been -- right out there in the garden.  Have a beautiful day!

 --  Leslie

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Welcome to My Golden Retriever Bubble

Welcome to my Golden Retriever bubble.  It's safe here and the weather's fine.  I hope you don't mind a little step back in time a few months.  I should have shared these photos back in early December when they were taken, but better late than never.  At the time I was wanting a fall photo for the calendar and I thought this setting was pretty and colorful, so I wouldn't let Rich rake the leaves until after we'd had a nice, dry day for a photo shoot.  I ended up with almost too many to choose from, but here are a few:

All you need to do is turn on the news to know why our bubble is a nice place to be.  Here is not the place to dwell on the negative.  Here is where we find happiness and comfort.  I just wanted to invite you in and share some of that.

  --  Leslie

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Just Hanging Around

Hey, there!  Just a few photos of everyday things.  Most of our summer is spent hanging around the house and garden.  My Rich has become more of a homebody, and it's always been my favorite place, too.  Diversions and side trips are nice, but I love to come home.

Dragonfly with a damaged wing hanging onto a daylily bud.

LuLu hanging out in the garden.

Impatiens hanging in the shade of the cherry tree.

Chestnut Backed Chickadee hanging on the seed cake feeder.

Wally chillin' in the shade.

Hope you're having a perfect day!
  --  Leslie

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A Day at the Park

Thank you, my friends, for a nice welcome back to Goldens and Garden.  It's good to know there are still a few who enjoy visiting, and I appreciate every one of your comments.  I replied to one email response that I like having this place as an online scrapbook of sorts as it's so easy to browse through and see the history, remember good times, and be reminded of the beauty around me.  Since some like to see the dogs and garden on my stamping blog, too, I'll probably mix it up a bit  I sure hope you'll come along when you can.  So, let's get going, shall we?

For a change of pace my friend and I had a picnic lunch at one of our city parks.  No wet dogs.  Just us girls.  I'd be hard pressed to explain to Wally and LuLu why they couldn't jump in the pond...

... or interact with the wildlife.

We had a beautiful walk on a beautiful day.

Just look at this poor little sad-sack LuLu who got left behind:

Poor baby.  Next time, LuLu.  I promise.  Have a happy day and come back soon, won't you?

  --  Leslie

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Wally Had a Birthday!

Hello?  Does anyone see this?  It's been a year since I posted.  A year ago I was feeling pretty overwhelmed and tired and I wasn't sure if I could keep up with everything.  I have occasionally posted dogs and garden on my stamping blog, but I always feel a little sheepish about that.  What do you think?  Here, there, a little of both?  Now that I'm retired I'm missing this blog.
Our dear, sweet big puppy, Wally, had a birthday on June 27.  He turned 7 years old and he's still as beautiful as ever.
We love him so much!  I'll come back with more if it sounds like a good idea.  Happy birthday, Wally, and a happy weekend to all of you!