Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Our Day

On this day there was no housework or gardening or stamping.  We took the dogs up the river and simply played.  Had a picnic lunch, hiked along the river’s edge, threw sticks, waded in with the pant legs rolled up, lounged on the rocks.  The river looks more like a stream with its water level much too low for this time of year.  However, there were holes deep enough for Wally and LuLu to swim in, and I don’t think it mattered much to them, anyway.  As long as they could get wet.  They do love the water!


Wally’s waiting for one of those sticks.


LuLu’s striking her showgirl pose.


And the photo below is about as good as it gets when it comes to Rich taking a picture of me.


I love Wednesdays and weekends.  Pretty soon I’ll be loving all the days in-between, too!  Have a good day!


  1. Lovely to see you having a day of just enjoying and relaxing. Lovely pics. Leslie. hugs, Ursula

  2. Sounds like the perfect day and I bet they loved all the attention and water fun!!

  3. Leslie, those photos couldn't be more perfect! The beautiful stream, rocks and greenery and those beautiful babies and you! What a lovely thing to see.... :-)

  4. Wonderful, wonderful pictures! So glad to see them once again! Great picture of you too!

  5. A picture perfect day - it can't get any better than this! So glad you had a wonderful relaxing day along the rivers shore with Lulu and Wally. I could just sit along the rivers edge all day, looks so relaxing - my type of day. Love your picture too - great job Rich!

  6. thanks so much for sharing your sweet kiddos - wish I could be in that stream with them - it's been sooo hot in Vancouver lately - makes the water very inviting

  7. Oh how fun to see them enjoying a day out like this. Dogs and water generally go together. (We once owned a dog that hated to swim in water) - So glad you all had such a good time.

  8. So fun to take a day and just relax with your best friends!! I loved seeing these pictures...and I bet these kiddos will be in heaven when you are home with them 24/7, which I know is getting very close!!

  9. It's wonderful to take time out from the everyday and just relax as you and Rich have done. Lovely photos.