Sunday, September 25, 2016

Still a Few Things Blooming

The mornings are cooler, the days are shorter, it feels like fall, but still the summer flowers keep blooming.  I don't have a lot specifically for fall, but these long bloomers just go on and on.  We've had beautiful days.  Some of our prettiest, really.
Looks like dew drops on the geraniums, but it was actually Man and Nature coming together... Rich was washing the windows.
Wally and LuLu love to wash windows.
Still taking the dogs for frequent 10 minute leash walks for Wally's therapy, but he's feeling like he should be turned loose for more.  It's hard to keep him down.  His follow up appointment is October 10th and I'm hoping he can start increasing activity after that.  I can't wait to take them swimming again, but it will have to be a little bit at a time.
I don't have much in the way of pictures to share.  I've had my hands full lately and the camera and I haven't been very companionable.  I'll have to see what I can do about that.  Just wanted to say "hi" and wish you a happy fall!


  1. Beautiful, peaceful and relaxing, I can just see sitting there with a good book with Wally and Lulu for companionship. Flowers are gorgeous!! Mine are looking slightly worn out, so hope to replace my pots with Mums this week.....haven't been in my gardens for a couple months so you can imagine what they look like. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos and Happy Fall to you as well!

  2. Happy Fall to you, too, Leslie! My, but your blooms are incredible, and I love the shot looking "down" on your garden! That's so incredible to those of us in Florida, where I live on one of the few hills within an hour's drive LOL (and that is barely 110' above sea level LOL) The terrain is so different where we all live. The shortened days have been noticed here, as well, it's dark at 8PM now, instead of 9PM. My "left over" geraniums are just beginning to bloom again - the same color as yours, but because the nights have been in the lower 70s, they dare to bring forth a few brave blooms. It's still in the mid nineties here during the day, and quite humid, though it's only in the 70%-80% range now. It's a joy watching the fur children with Rich. All our dogs enjoyed the water until Kilo. It breaks my heart how he must have been treated the first 2 years of his life. He is definitely a "working dog", and not a play dog at heart. He simply does not understand the concept. But I'm grateful he was rescued when he was to enjoy life in a more relaxed, loving environment. He has brought so much pleasure to us, as your Wally and Lulu do for you.

    Is that an Elm in the photo of Rich and the kids? Maple? We don't have anything like that here.

    Our winters have been increasingly warm the past decade. Not bad for humans, but it is changing our ecology drastically as far as wildlife, insects, natural seasonal changes (like the needed forest fires in winter's "fire" season), and unusually HUMID summers.

    Thanks for sharing your beauty with us - and glad to hear Wally is doing well! xo

  3. Everything is just still so beautiful Leslie. I love that you share your Goldens and Gardens with us. I especially love that tree that stands behind Rich. The color is so pretty. I'm sorry to see some of my summer bloomers finally fading, but look forward to them returning in the Spring.

  4. Hi and happy Fall to all. So good to know that Wally is chomping at the bit. He is certainly looking well. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Glad you shared, I love how lush and green your yard is, I love the water droplets on the flowers even if they were man made ones :) So glad to hear Wally is continually improving, I can only imagine how hard it is to hold him down when he is feeling so much better, let's hope for a good visit to the vet with an all clear!

  6. Happy fall right back at you. It's a great time of year. Your flowers are so pretty and how fun that Wally & Lulu enjoy the hose. Good report on Wally.

  7. Hi! Your garden is divine! It's on my bucket list to visit it even if only in my dreams! I didn't know anything was wrong with Wally. I hope he recovers well and completely. They are two very lucky dogs! Hugs your way! xoxo

  8. You know it is bad when I miss a post of yours! Between trying to pack, trying to keep everything picked up for the people looking at my house, I am lucky to even have time to check a blog at the end of the day! LOVE your flowers! What a happy, happy yard!

  9. Ranger does the same thing with the hose when we are anywhere. hee hee Glad he is doing so good and healing. Hopefully his appointment went well and he can be turned loose soon. ;-)