Thursday, January 5, 2017


Just updating this blog with our snow pictures from January because, once again, I've been neglectful.  Copying verbatim from my stamping blog...

It snowed here yesterday, a rare occurrence, so naturally I had to take pictures.  It's a small showing compared to many regions, but it's a big deal to us.  We got about 3".  Here's part of our side yard at 8:00 in the morning:

Rich, Wally, and LuLu:

Wally posing for next January's calendar page:

Wally catching a snowball:

Had to get my mug in there, too:

Wally was so excited he ran outside with my shoe and acted like a big puppy.  I love his squinty eyes:

We had a lot of fun getting our morning exercise in the snow.  Went for a walk and didn't even put the dogs on a leash.  They loved it!  I wouldn't mind if it stayed for a couple of days, but it can go away after that.  Happy new year!


  1. Okay I was thinking I was seeing things but you posted these on the stamping blog too. - I loved seeing Wally and Lulu enjoying the snow. Wally's a good "catch" with that snowball. - I'm not sure why dogs like snow but they seem to love it. - Me not so much. - We had a tiny bit fall last night (I think it was freezing fog) and it's a bit slick outside today. Going to rain soon.

  2. I love the way they listen and watch Rich - he points his finger and they both obey and look. What a nice picture of you! This year has been good to you!

  3. at first I thought you had gotten more snow and I was going to say wow you guys have had more snow, you already have had more than us this year, it has just been to mild here I guess. We are going to be way above normal temps this week too. My doctor said he has seen so many patients this year and he think it is because it didn't get cold enough and stay cold for long to kill off everything so people's allergies have been year around.

  4. Awww love the furbabies enjoying the snow.

  5. Why do our goldens always pick up shoes when they get excited? I wonder these things. Beautiful pictures and beautiful dogs.