Saturday, September 15, 2018

What's in a Name?

If we'd waited to name Wally and LuLu we might have called them Shoes and Socks.  When one shows up with socks, the other cannot be out-cuted, so will run for a shoe.  Naturally, we find it adorable.  Not sure why something like that is so adorable to us, but we're under their spell.

LuLu with socks:

Wally with shoe:

Really, though... can you imagine what the neighbors would think if they heard me calling out "Shoes!".  "Socks!"?  They'd think I was the crazy lady of Pine Street.

When we were awaiting the day we'd bring our brand new Golden Retriever puppy boy home...

... we knew we were in for a beautiful thing.  A faithful, sweet, kind, gentle, intelligent, loyal, trusted friend was coming to live with us.  He needed a good name.

I looked up names meaning qualities such as those.  Everything sounded too intellectual and pretentious.  So where did Wally get his name?  Well...

...from The Most Trusted Man in America -- Walter Cronkite.  Rich and I had both grown up knowing Walter Cronkite as a household name, and he'd recently passed away.  We felt like we'd lost a friend.

Also, on a lighter note... there was this guy:

He tugged at our heartstrings.

So there you have a trusted friend who's also adorable.

Now... how about LuLu?  We were waiting for the day we'd drive out of town to pick her up (I was SO excited) and we went over and over names.  It couldn't sound anything similar to Wally -- Wally and Lily, Wally and Daisy, Wally and Molly.  You get the idea.  Then Rich looked over my shoulder at this:

It's a Little Lulu doll my friend made for me years ago.  He said, "How about LuLu?"  Oh, my gosh, it was perfect!  I loved it!  And that's how our little LuLu got her name.

We all lived happily ever after.

Wishing you a happily ever after kind of day.


  1. This is such an amazing story of your fur babies. I love the 'sock & shoe' story, it is really adorable. I remember when you posted about first getting Wally & Lulu, just how 'smitten' you are with them. I love how you came about picking Lulu for a name. They are both such beautiful dogs, and so loving. Each picture pulls at my heartstrings. They are both so loved and your story tells just that. Here's to many more happily every after kind of days!

  2. This just makes me want to cry...with joy for you! I know how much you adore them both and I've come to love them too! How I wish we were closer so I could love on them in person! The shoes and socks story just proves how smart they are! They understand that shoes and socks belong together! Just like the 4 of you do!! You were meant to find each other so you could bring each other joy! Hugs to you all!

  3. You guys are just the sweetest family. I love when you share stories and photos of Wally and Lulu. Just because I am a cat person does not mean I don't love dogs too. When my children were young we had the sweetest toy poodle named Puppy, and both my daughters have dogs. Most of my kitties have real names too except for Frosty and Spooky (white and black). Thanks for sharing your family with us.

  4. Thanks for sharing your sweet, sweet story with us. Your posts always bring a smile.

  5. Isn't it funny how we come across the names of our furbabies. Our cats ended up with British names since we got them when we were stationed in England and well Peanut got her name when Amanda said she is just like a little Peanut, and it stuck. She has since named her pets after characters from the Lord of the Rings series :)

  6. What a charming story, Leslie! I enjoyed each word and fell under the spell with those photos LOL As for Wally's name, I thought you were going to say Walt Disney! LOL Such a beautiful family. Jacky and I would laugh, too, if our fur children were to bring out articles of clothing to do a show and tell! We laugh at their many antics as it is, which only further encourages them, of course. They are beautiful as are you and Rich. Love that you share your lives with us. xx

  7. I so enjoyed your story! So cute! It's amazing how we come up with names for our pets! You and Rich did a great job! The girls Chichauhau loves to get socks as well - but only Rachel's and stores them in his little house. When she is missing one she knows where to go to find them. Great pictures - hope you are enjoying yor adventure.

  8. Such a cute story! I love the names you chose, they do seem perfect for their personalities too. Honestly I could just reach in my computer and hug them, they are so beautiful!!!

  9. They are so sweet and I enjoyed how you picked out their names. Beautiful dogs.

  10. Oh my gosh Leslie, you guys couldn't pick more perfect names for this two adorable and gorgeous friends.
    I do remember Walter Cronkite, he was also a favorite of ours, listening to his soothing voice and expert and experienced opinions, always gave us food for thought.
    And of course, Little Lulu, oh my gosh, I used to love watching the cartoons with my girls and then, with my grandkids, love her relentless and stubborn attitude, she could make the most patient person totally loose it.
    Do you remember the theme song at the beginning of the cartoons?
    Well, here it goes, now I have it playing in my head, thanks to you, LOL!!

    Little Lulu, little Lulu, with freckles on your chin,
    Always in and out of trouble, but mostly always in,
    Using daddy's neck tie for the tail on your kite,
    Using mommy's lipstick for the letters you write.

    Though the clock says 7:30 it's really after 10,
    Looks like Lulu's been repairing it again,
    Though you're wild as any Zulu and you're just as hard to tame,
    Little Lulu I love you lu just the same, the same
    Little Lulu I love you lu just the same.
    This is a link to one of her cartoons, Oh my gosh!! how fun it is to watch this little girl again.
    Anyway my friend, thank you for sharing this gorgeous pictures of your amazing and beautiful furry babies.
    Sending hugs and love.

  11. OMG what awesome stories of how they were named and the photos are just too precious! Nothing cuter than a puppy! How lucky were they to get 'puppy parents' like the two of you! HAPPY HAPPY Thanks for sharing ... I love happy stories! lol

  12. My lab loved socks too, the first one she found was deep in the ground and so dirty she wouldn't part with it and always loved socks till she dies...I am getting a new fur baby this post and want to see

  13. I love how you ended up picking their names --beautiful dogs
    Carol x

  14. Oh Leslie this just made me tear up with sweet memories and happiness for you all. They have grown so much and yet you can still see their puppy faces in each one. Fun idea for picking their names. So very sweet... Fur hugs from me today.

  15. What a beautiful post and fabulous photos... When I got Kelly she already had that name as both my girls were rescue dogs... However Holly was originally name Spike! How could I leave such a beautiful girl with that name... It was coming up to Christmas so Holly seemed to be right.

  16. Awww, I LOVE this story of the names!! Isn't it funny too how once you name them, they just seem to fit? I can't imagine them called anything different!! I am so happy that after 3 years we decided to open our hearts again and got Mack, did you know you were part of the reason we did that, you had written me a wonderful letter/email about bringing the joy of a dog once again into the home after my Nellie passed away...and I am ever so grateful to you for that asWE love our Mack dearly!! Mack got his name Mackinaw because of our love of our lake home and we love the area so much, he had to be a big part of it...Mack for short of course!!

  17. How sweet! I can relate to every part of this story. What a beautiful telling of it and the photos are beautiful! Makes me want to reach out and kiss those pups with the very special names.

  18. You are full of dogs! Loving dogs.