Saturday, May 18, 2013

This and That

Wally and LuLu got a new pick up and they wanted to show you how happy they are with it.  They love riding in the back seat.


A canopy is on order and they can’t ride in the bed of the truck until it’s in place, but they’re happy with this arrangement for now.


I’ve been busy planting annuals in pots.  Actually, they’ve grown quite a bit since these photos were taken on the 11th.  It won’t be long until everything is lush and full.


The bright sun washes out the color a little, but you get the idea.


The white blooms are on a Leather Leaf Viburnum.  It’s a bush that thinks it’s a tree.


Here’s Rich and Wally mowing a new patch of lawn.  We removed a flower bed so Wally and LuLu could have more room to romp.  The plants worth saving were relocated.  More lawn here, but more flowers concentrated elsewhere.


It’s been a busy spring, as springs tend to be.  More flowers come home with me weekly.  I’m sure I can fit them in somewhere. . .  Have a happy day!


  1. Love the truck. Your yard is so beautiful. I've been buying up geraniums. Glad to see you've got warm weather.

  2. Beautiful pictures, you certainly have a green thumb! Everyone should have a Wally to oversee that the grass is cut properly!

  3. So nice to see the lovely things you've been up to, Leslie! Wally and Lulu have life GOOD. :)

  4. Wally and Lulu look ecstatic:) And your flowers are GORGEOUS!!! I love to look at all the flowers, but I don't like the work involved - so thanks for sharing the picures!

  5. Ooooooooo, new ride! So cute. Love the yard and all the blooming flowers. I'm working on my gardens, but are not so elaborate as yours.

  6. Beautiful dogs and beautiful flowers! Our Huskies love the rides too, each one has a window to look out of.

    Ter ;)

  7. Francie in MontrealMay 18, 2013 at 7:46 AM

    Your garden always takes my breath away. Add to that the sweetest goldens in the world and you've got a little piece of heaven right here on earth. Life is good, eh?

  8. Oh Leslie, you've given us a look see at your beautiful garden and those adorable pals of yours! Hey, that new truck looks pretty good too! I'm not surprised that Wally and Lulu don't mind riding inside with you and Rich. Your plants look so, so nice. Vance and I really need to take a full weekend and get some work done in re-establishing the front and back flower beds. I have a four day weekend coming up and Vance has suggested taking our camera's and going for an adventure. How can we fit both in? I think it will depend upon our weather. Beautiful photo's today.

    Susie ~

  9. I'm convinced you live in Paradise! Beautiful flowers everywhere & the two sweetest, most beautiful "fur people" anywhere. I'm glad everyone is enjoying the new truck! And glad they get to rid in the truck where they are safe!

  10. Wow, Leslie! In addition to be a talented stamper, you have quite a green thumb. Your garden is magnificent. I wish you many pleasant days and nights to enjoy it! Good luck with the new truck!

  11. Even more gorgeous IRL Leslie. All your pots really pop with color and textures. I just can't help, but smile remembering the sweet smiles, wagging tails welcome by the "kids"! Happy gardening, Nancy

  12. Hmmm...let's see. Wally & LuLu get a new vehicle and "Mom" & "Dad" thoughtfully remove a flower bed and replace it with a lush lawn play area just for them. Yup, I completely understand such devotion towards the fur-legged family members. Can also relate to your comment about flowers following you home. There's just so many temptations at the garden centers & nurseries. "Let's see, I'll take some of these, a flat of those, ooh those are pretty". Leslie, with your marvelous eye for color, combined with such garden expertise, just enjoy. How rewarding to create such a beautiful spot on Earth right in your own back yard.

  13. Leslie, Your posts bring a peace and happiness to my soul each time I read them. Love those fur babies in their new truck. I relived my childhood watching Rich with the manual lawnmower. My kids look at that and say, "Really, that cuts grass?!"
    Thank you for another look into your precious world.

  14. Leslie, your babies look so excited in their new vehicle! Your gardens are so pretty, full of colour and luscious green. I just love sitting on my deck and watching everything grow along with watching the variety of birds at the feeders.

  15. Hi Leslie. Wally and LuLu look so excited in their new Jeep, can see it in their eyes. A new Jeep and a new lawn for them both. Hope they dont dig the lawn up as my Retriever did, Think Brodie was looking for his bone that he had buried.LOL
    Have a lovely day
    Hazel G

  16. How fun to see your landscaping talents, Leslie! And that Rich still uses the old traditional lawn mowers. I have not used one of those since I was 23. Your patio and blooming plants make me want to sit in your garden and bask in the beauty. How wonderful! Our viburnum do not bloom - well, they do, but they are little non-descript white blooms that come in early summer and last about a week. Wally and Lulu love their new truck, don't they? Our german shepherd LOVES riding in the "back seat" of our Tundra. There is nothing like a truck for those puppies. Will you take another photo when the topper arrives? Wonderful seeing your domain. :-) hugs, de

  17. they do look very happy with their new truck :)
    Just love all your beautiful flowers, I haven't had alot of time yet to work on mine, hoping to soon!

  18. Aww, Lots of fun stuff happening in your neck of the woods Miss Leslie! The Garden is looking soo Beautiful and Wally and Lulu definitely seem very happy with their new truck!! lol I am seriously thinking of trading my Copics for my gardening tools and pretty flowers to plant for the week! lol 8-)