Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ice Breakers

It’s been pretty cold here by our standards.  No snow, but plenty of ice.  Wally and LuLu still need their fun and exercise, though, so on Sunday we took them to their familiar and favorite stompin’ grounds for a good run.  Imagine their surprise when they charged out into the water expecting a good dunk and instead. . .


No worries.  This is just rain water that fills depressions in the landscape.  It’s only about knee deep on a Golden Retriever.  In the photo below Wally is puzzling over why he can’t seem to pick up the stick.  It was frozen into the ice.  He did eventually get it out with a lot of determination.


The ice really took them by surprise, slip sliding and breaking through it in spots, and they didn’t quite know what to think of it.  Typical of their happy-go-lucky natures, they came to see it as a great new adventure.  LuLu made off with this big chunk and chewed it into bits.

IMG_2573 (2)

A little ice can’t get in the way of Wally and LuLu’s good time.




I hope you’re staying warm, wherever you are.  Enjoy your week!


  1. Thank you for giving me a smile this early morning. Here in Bonney Lake, WA it's 30 this morning with a dusting of snow.

  2. too cute, you really wonder what goes thru their minds when familiar things change for them, bet they had fun exploring something different!!

  3. Oh Yes!! These are the best.... I love how they can make FUN out of anything!!!
    Here in Fl it's been in the 80's the last 3 days... but by the weekend it looks like maybe a cold snap is coming our way..... 50's.....

  4. They look like they are having such fun!!! I bet they would love snow too!!! Thanks for sharing...

  5. It always makes my day when I see that you have posted! These brought such a smile to my face. I could just feel their excitement and I bet they could make a fun day out of ANY weather! Our wind chill yesterday was something like 11 below zero. Today a "warm" front is going thru & we might get to 20, but then right back down to below zero tonight with another chance of more snow. This is a colder December than normal so cuddling up to my fur baby at night feels REALLY good!

  6. What tremendous photos! I can see that Wally and LuLu are having a great time with the ice. I'm thinking skates might be just the ticket for Christmas. Hockey skates for Wally and figure skates for LuLu. You may want to pass this along to Santa. Imagine their delight on Christmas morning to find 4 little skates in their stockings. Ok, ok, I’ll stop and come back to earth. They are simply precious pups and loved by all who meet them. Thanks for sharing. They never fail to cheer us up.

  7. Priceless pictures and oh so wonderful! I can image their surprise!

  8. Such a fun post. Beautiful pics of your beautiful dogs. I love the one with Lulu & her chunk of ice. We had quite a snow storm last week that was followed with lots of cold temps. My young springer keeps bringing chunks of ice through his dog door to chew up in the middle of the family room! They are so fun. Thanks for sharing Wally & Lulu with us.

  9. Fun, fun pictures! Our weather has been awful! Lots of snow and barely above zero for the last week or two! Not terribly unusual, but definitely MUCH colder than normal for December.

  10. hahaha! LOVE that chunk of ice coming up whole - too funny. Cannot imagine such coldness. Tonight we have a gold front coming thru - it's 10PM and our low was supposed to be 47, but it is already 45 brrrrr! LOL I doubt the heat will even come on tonight.

    thank you for sharing your photos, Leslie.

    soooo - do you have a big mud room to clean Wally and Lulu off?


  11. Those babies look like they are really enjoying their romp on the ice. LuLu is having a really fun time with her new prize (large sliver of ice). It takes so little to make them happy puppies! Thanks for the lovely photo's. :)