Thursday, August 2, 2018


Hello, friends!  We've been on another trip.  We crossed mountains, green valleys, high deserts, and grassy plains -- all in the state of Oregon.  I'd like to share pictures, but those will have to wait as my desktop computer crashed the day after we returned home.  I'd just downloaded the pics, grrrr.  I'm on my laptop today with some photos I took a couple of years ago in the town of Bandon, just south of us.  These were on my blog as a draft post, but I never got around to writing it up.  Shame on me.  They're fun pics and they certainly show our local color.

The giant fish in the first two pictures is pretty amazing, I think.  It was made entirely of debri collected from local beaches.  Extremely clever and skillfully crafted.  Our beaches are kept very clean, but it takes a lot of effort.  Might as well put the garbage to use!

I like this brick and rock wall.

There were several of these cute biking figures lining one of the streets.  Love the hair on this one.

An itty bitty lighthouse which I've photographed dozens of times over the years.

The beach as the inevitable fog came rolling in.

Lots of driftwood.

Lastly, the only kind of selfie I look okay in.  That's me on the right.

There's not a single Golden or garden shot in this group, but hopefully I'll be back with some of that soon.  Wishing you a beautiful day! 


  1. What lovely pictures my friend! I especially loved the fish and took a moment to really look at it. I'm amazed at how many different items are used in the making of that! I'm always glad when people get to travel a bit and I look forward to seeing the photos when your computer gets back home. I do miss Wally and will have to fix that for next time. LOL...

  2. amazing pictures. what wonderful scenery.

  3. Beautiful, Interesting and amazing. The scenery is so awesome. I found the fish most interesting but a little sadden that people can be so disrespectful.
    So Sorry about your PC. I don't like laptops. The keyboard is so clumsy for me.

  4. You are so lucky to have such a gorgeous place so close to you! That fish is awesome and what a great way to use the beach garbage! That took a lot of talent to create! I love seeing your adventures!

  5. Beautiful photos of Bandon by the Sea, Leslie. Loved the bright fish and fun bike too. TFS Hope you get your desk top fixed soon. Looking forward to seeing beautiful photos from your last trip:-) Hugs..

  6. Goodness, those photos were so fascinating that i didnt realize until the end of the post that there had not been a Golden in sight. With no disrespect to Wally and Lulu, I dream of traveling to Washington and Oregon. The picture of the fog rolling in really spoke to me. Thanks for sharing the pics. Why would i care if they were old?

  7. What a fun blog share! I love the write up, and your adventures, Leslie. So sorry about your laptop being icky, hoping you have not lost anything from the crash. Isn't that bicycle darling with all the texture and flowers? It's so full of life! Some landscape expert did a marvelous job mixing the wavy rock and brick - it reminds me of the geologic layers of various ages over the eons in the Earth! Even the bushes in front are pruned to match the wall! And YIKES about that fish sculpture! How did they ever even think of the colors and elements - all upcycled from our trash! It makes me sad that people are so careless about their trash - but I suppose accidents happen. Gorgeous colors over the lighthouse, but my favorite is the shot of your dear shadow waving hello! hugs, de

  8. Beautiful pictures Leslie, they are so interesting! It's amazing how the fish were created, such vibrant colours. Love the brick wall, very unique. The itty bitty lighthouse is gorgeous - Bill and I have traveled many places to see lighthouses. The foggy beach is interesting as well as all that driftwood - wow. Your selfie pic is a nice way to finishing of today's adventure - so fun! Love seeing photos of your trips Leslie, I always look forward to them. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Oh I am glad you decided to share this, that fish is so cool, so nice to know that good came out of this by using trash on the beach! That brick wall is cool, love when they think of a design to put into it. That bike is so creative and fun! Neat you were able to get the fog coming in. Wow I don't know that I have seen that much driftwood on one beach.

  10. I'm late commenting on this set of pictures Leslie, gorgeous beaches and that light house looks beautiful against the lovely blue sky, but I must say, the ginormous "beach garbage" fish is impressive, this is one of the most ingenious ways to recycle I've ever seen, WOW!! the patience and imagination it took to create is amazing.
    Miss the doggies in the pictures.
    Thank you for sharing.

  11. hee hee Looks like fun and that selfie is totally cute! :-)

  12. Now I want to visit Bandon again, it's been awhile. Love that colorful fish.