Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Yellow Sneak Peek

It’s not happening real fast, but the house is getting painted.  Behind LuLu you can see the first coat of yellow on the south side of the house.  It will look better with a second coat.  The chartreuse Lady’s Mantle along the path is not a very complimentary color with the yellow, but it will be backed soon enough by a sizeable hydrangea in a pinkish blue.  Unfortunately the young hydrangea has taken a beating with Wally and LuLu crowding around the base of the ladder.  It lost a branch the other day, tsk, tsk.  Just when this bed was starting to look a little better, and I had hopes that my white Lily of the Nile would bloom again. . .


Rich is being as careful as possible with the garden.  He pulled the honeysuckle away from the house so he could paint behind it, and here he’s tying it back up again.  This photo shows the yellow with a second coat.  In some lights the color looks brighter, but this was an overcast day.  I like this shade and I feel a little less nervous about it now.  I think I’m going to love our yellow house.


My retired Rembrandt doesn’t seem to be in a hurry.  He’s taking his time and I’m not concerned.  He stops for lunch with me and has dinner on the table when I come home from work.  He also does a little housework, runs errands, cares for the lawn, washes the cars, and takes the dogs out for exercise.  What a guy!  Gee, Father’s Day is coming up.  He probably deserves a break, doesn’t he?

I hope this day finds you well and happy.  I’m looking forward to the upcoming weekend.  Nothing special, just a little extra time at my favorite place on earth – home.  See you soon!


  1. it is looking so pretty, will make you smile every time you pull up from being away :)
    Yep sounds like you have a winner there with your hubby :)

  2. Looking fabulous! Looks like Lulu is wanting Daddy to play with her. He does sound like a keeper! Can't wait to see the finished Masterpiece!

  3. Your house is looking beautiful Leslie. Lulu is gorgeous just look as those eyes would melt Anyone's heart. It looks like her ears have been crimped .Brodie's gets like that when he has been in the water. As for you garden it is looking beautiful
    Take care
    Hazel G

  4. Leslie, I knew it would look gorgeous! I can visualize it already :) And, I think you're right, with some pinkish blue in between the house and the Ladies Mantle it will look fabulous. I think some purples or lavender would be nice too. Rich is doing such a nice job (with the help of Wally and Lulu, of course). I loved your remark about home. Home is where are hearts say, "aah, this is where I belong". And good for Rich for taking his time. It's wonderful in this season of our lives to be able to do just that! Have a wonderful weekend, and Happy Father's Day, Rich!

    Susie ~

    P.s. Teddy loved Lulu's photo. He was sitting on my lap when I opened the email. I enlarged it. He turned to look at me and then turned back and waved at Lulu. : )

  5. Your Lulu is so pretty and fun. I miss my Beasley when he was younger and could see...he is 14 and a half but still hanging in...I just miss the younger days when he ran and played and could see better...but he is such a sweet old guy now. Life is Bittersweet and I STILL miss Beau who died in 2007...I think of him all the time glad your puppies are going to be with you a long while. :-)

  6. I like the yellow color on the house too. It looks so nice with the Honeysuckle. :)

    That is one awesome hubby you have there.


  7. I think its pretty sweet of the pups to pick up the branches so not to trip the painter! Love the color, great shade!

  8. LuLu looks happy with her find from the flower bush. ;-) The yellow is coming along and will look fabulous when done. He is doing an awesome job, keep it up!

  9. Francie in MontrealJune 13, 2013 at 4:53 PM

    I guess you haven't considered lending/sharing arrangement, eh - doggies and hubby? Maybe we could work something out. I'd return them in good shape. Just askin'. Yes, ok, I'm kidding. Your house is looking very nice. Love that yellow.

  10. I love the yellow! It's the perfect shade too! My folks did their house in yellow and I've always loved it. How lucky you are! LuLu to help you with the "gardening" and hubby to do the painting & errands. We all envy you!! ha ha
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. You are one lucky chick!!! Your helpers are wonderful and spoil you rotten! LOL

  12. The house we are starting to build soon will be yellow too! I am loving seeing yours come along - your husband *is* doing a wonderful job (and Wally and Lulu too!). Sherylee.

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  14. That buttery yellow color is VERY happy, and perfect golden shade for a house devoted to goldens, don'tcha think, Miss Leslie? Such a pretty garden. Lulu cracked me up - SO puppy-ish - and happy - and "Life is good. I have my stick" hahaha Very pretty patio, and can hardly wait to see the hydrangea. I took photos today for before-and-after from 6 weeks ago. Maybe they will get posted today or tomorrow, who knows? Thanks for sharing your home with me. hugs, de

  15. I've always loved yellow houses, too, Leslie. What a nice husband to be so careful with your plants. And Lulu is so sweet!! Will be peeking in on your progress!

  16. Oh the Yellow is so Fresh a Clean with the Beautiful Flowers it's just Lovely!!!
    I'm supprised the Goldies don't have a little Yellow on them as much help as there giving!!!! Can't wait to see more!

  17. Oooh! I LOVE the soft buttery yellow!! It really looks Wonderful Miss Leslie!! And you are one Lucky Lady to have such a Super Sweet Hubby! 8-)