Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Just Give me a Green Road to Follow

Where will this green road take us?  Well... come along and I'll show you.  It's just the beginning of a beautiful day.

Enter Wally and LuLu's happy place where you can run for miles in all directions and rarely see another human.  It's our secret place... almost.

Along the way there are ponds to play in...

...and fields to run in.

That's Wally in the photo above.  You'd never know he had knee surgery in August.  He runs like a Greyhound.  He runs just for the pure joy of it.

Wally is our man of many faces.  Below he's shaking off after a run and a roll.  LuLu is looking like a fine young lady.

But wait, it gets prettier.  Follow me.

Let's indulge Wally a few moments in the spotlight.  Seven years of loving our beautiful boy.  Soon to be eight and he's as vigorous and young at heart as ever.  In the photo below he looks like he has two tails, but that's LuLu behind him.

Pure happiness!  Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.

We've followed a green road, stopped at a pond, ran in a field, and explored a sheltered stand of Scotch Broom, and now we've come out the other side onto another green road.

What's up ahead?  Honestly, it gets prettier, still.

We'll follow Wally and LuLu down this path tomorrow.

Yes, there are a lot of pictures.  139 to be exact, but don't worry, I won't post all of them.  I imagine if you've come to visit you've grown fond of Wally and LuLu, and perhaps you enjoy seeing a slice of their outdoor Oregon coast life.  Many of the photos have not been cropped too closely as I hoped to share a better view of this beautiful place which is only minutes from our house.  Please sit back, relax, and take a moment to click on any photo and they'll all come up enlarged in a light box so you can step right into the scene.  This is Golden Retriever Paradise.

I'm so happy to have had this glorious day.  I hope you'll come back with us tomorrow.  Take care!


  1. thanks for sharing these photos. they make me happy

  2. Yes, I have grown quite fond of Wally and LuLu along the way! I've tried to follow along as I fell in love with Wally as a pup. He looks so healthy and happy! I always love to follow their adventures!

  3. Thank you for sharing. I love photos of Wally and LuLu. It looks like they and you had a magnificent day. So glad to see that Wally is fully recovered.

  4. Leslie, Thank you for taking me on that gorgeous trip with your family. I had a smile on my face the whole way! Your pictures are beautiful. This read like a children's book for me. Fantastic. I can't wait until tomorrow!

  5. Oh Leslie, how I have longed to see your babies! It's been a while, and you sure do know how to tell a story! Thanks for taking me on this beautiful stroll with you all. It's just lovely, and I am smiling BIG! Hugs and love to you all!

  6. What an enchanting day with your sweet pups! Thanks for sharing

  7. I can't believe Wally is nearly 8 years old! I have been following these beautiful babies since he was just a pup! I love his spotlight photos, especially with his face to the sun. What glorious dogs on a glorious adventure in a glorious spot on earth and once again, thanks for allowing us to at least virtually join in the fun!!! Can't wait 'til tomorrow...

  8. I've been missing you and your pups, so I was thrilled to see some new postings! Glad all is well and everyone is happy and healthy. Thank you for the pictures from your beautiful walk. Heaven on earth!

  9. What a beautiful day indeed! I love when you share your adventures with Wally & Lulu.
    I love your 'secret place' Leslie, looks so peaceful with the ponds and tall grasses, a wonderful place for the babies to run free. Isn't nature wonderful. It makes me think of when Bill & I are on our birding adventures. I'm so happy your posted this, can't wait to see your next post. Oh and I can't believe that Wally is almost 8!

  10. So fun to see the place that they get to run and explore, so wonderful it is so close to home, I think the neatest picture of all was to see Wally being able to run again after surgery, you can just see the pure joy he has!!

  11. Beautiful post with beautiful babies!! It makes me miss my days with Nellie and my Golden Nick. Nick and Nellie were only together one year before Nick passed away (Nick was a girl)..I know go figure, but I had gotten her for my husbands birthday and he wanted to name was Nichole Symba, how I enjoyed seeing all the pleasure these two are having...wish I were there!

  12. I've really enjoyed looking at all the blog posts you did with Wally and Lulu. I love these photos the most, especially the one of the two of them in the pond with the stick and then the one with Wally racing down the path. You are so blessed to live so close to that area where they can really take off and enjoy being out in the open.

  13. There is such a joy in these photos. Wally & Lulu are just so cute and they really do enjoy these adventures and so do I.

  14. I bet they come back because they want you two to share in their experience too, and don't want to be too far away from you, it is so neat to see them so happy :)

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  15. Very nicely done Leslie. Bob here. Finally took a few minutes of relaxation in life to see your blog spot Rich was dear enough to share from tele call visit. Fantastic work you do. Lots of beautiful memories you're making.