Saturday, May 6, 2017

Spring Potpourri

Hello, again!  We're back in the garden today.  Truthfully, the garden sustained so much deer damage over the winter that I felt like giving up.  Can't keep deer spray on it with all the rain we've had and some of the younger plants just up and died.  I thought, "why bother?"  Oddly, the deer haven't visited us in a couple of months.  I don't know why, but I'm not complaining.  I sprayed deer repellent, but by that time they'd already quit coming around.

So now we've had a little bit of sun and I'm all excited again.  I looked back through some older garden photos and realized I just can't give that up.  It's simply a part of me.

Rich decided to have a landscape service put in a whole new lawn.  Sure, he could have done it himself, but he's the lawn guy and if he wants to have someone else do it, then I'm not going to argue.  Here are the guys out there working under the cherry tree.

By afternoon it looked like this (below), complete with LuLu and her mouthful of socks.  The lawn needs to grow and green up and blend, but it will soon enough.  This is the most dog-friendly way to put in a new lawn.

See the yellow azalea in the background?  Two large branches were broken off the backside by a neighborhood cat trying to catch birds.  Just another garden frustration.  After the blooms fade I'll trim it down and hope it branches out again.

"Hello" from Doug or Dougette on the feeder which could use a good cleaning after our wet winter.

We're waiting for an estimate on another landscape project.  It's definitely not something we'd tackle ourselves as it involves a retaining wall and earth moving.  I'm quite excited about it.  We'll extend our upper level outdoor living space significantly.  I'll have to find a new home for the trillium.  The stone steps will stay in place.  They're one of my favorite garden features.

That's all for today.  This blog had a long dry spell during our long wet winter, and then all of a sudden I'm talking your eyes off.  Please click on a pic to bring them all up in a light box.  It's more fun that way.

Have a happy day, and I'll catch some of you over on my stamping blog!


  1. Such a wonderful area! You have lots of beautiful shrubs and those steps are just glorious!

  2. I love the before and after and during photos, Leslie! I was not aware yellow azaleas even existed! Probably, deer stopped coming after they munched all the delicacies they prefer LOL - and GOOD FOR RICH! yes, we are at the stage in life where we get to choose which hefty projects to tackle ourselves, and which to hire others to do. My husband has surprised me by deciding to paint the house himself this time. We ordered some special equipment for it, and I have suggested that in some areas he rent a buck lift instead of using a ladder LOL No sense in getting hurt. He'll only be able to do so much because summer is already here, and with it, the humidity and rains (which should start regularly next month). I told him to go slow, and just do a little at a time. One "crip" in the family is enough LOL

    I can hardly wait to see the expanded yard space - your heavenly park was already incredibly gorgeous (in my eyes) so I eagerly await the new retaining wall. Will you post construction photos, too?


  3. Now that your stamping room is finished it is Rich's turn to do some remodeling fun! TFS all your beautiful outdoor photos my friend. Love your trilliums. Ours were so beautiful this year too.

    I leave Monday for BC for our stamping retreat. Hope we can get together soon after I get back on the 13th. So much to catch up on my friend. Hugs...

  4. Oh yes this is a much more dog friendly way of doing the lawn that's for sure, I love the rock steps too, it would be a shame if they were to go, look forward to your next project!!

  5. So happy to be back on your blog! I loved, loved, the posts of Wally and Lulu running down the green road to Retriever heaven! Seeing Wallys face as he runs made me smile! I always love seeing your's ever changing and is such a part of you. Love your blog and glad you keep it going! Love ya!

  6. What a delightful three days of posst!! Loved clicking on the individual pictures for an up close and personal look at your fur babies and your beautiful greenbelt. And so very glad you found the will to rework your beautiful garden. I always enjoy your pictures of it as well. As for the Azalea, many years ago we had a car miss our curve in the road in winter and it ended up in our front yard and tore off the top half of one of our azaleas. We were amazed when it sprouted green leaves and buds in the spring. It was a tad oddly shaped, but full of beautiful color. Here's hoping you have the same experience.
    Lu C

  7. What a pretty tree. I bet the new lawn will look great. Lulu looks so silly with her sock in her mouth. I love Azaleas, sorry to hear (cats) broke the branches but they should grow new ones. The trillium is so pretty and I like those stones too so I'm glad you are keeping them.

  8. Your garden always looks so beautiful! Hope you are continuing to enjoy spring. Looks like we are going to go straight from winter to summer in New York. After a relatively mild winter, we've only had a few spring days here and there mixed with a lot of cold and rainy days.

  9. I hadn't checked out this blog for quite a while, so I had quite a treat waiting for me! I love all your pictures. What beautiful scenery for your walks! And great pictures of Wally and Lulu, too, of course. Good idea to HAVE your lawn done. We're learning that lesson, too - just have someone else do it! I'm glad you didn't give up on your garden. Good luck with your next landscaping project.

  10. Now I see why you were headed to the dump a few weeks back. Rich wanted new grass? That is an endevour but I am glad he hired someone to do it. That is rough work on the back (we just did a bunch of that this weekend) and I wished we hired it out. ha ha Sounds like the new addition to the back is going to be a new palette for you. Can't wait to see what you plant and start to grow. Seriously am going to have to drive up and see your garden one of these summers and visit. Big hugs today!

  11. I always enjoy your garden updates. Please keep sharing. I don't have deer in my area but there is lots of damage every year from squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, etc. And I have 3 dogs that love to run through my paths & sun bathe on the deck. But they are hard on a garden. Last year my back was bothering me and I was really thinking the garden might be too much for me. That was such a depressing thought. Fortunately, a few treatments with a great chiropractor resolved the back problem. I also make cards & am learning to color so I can have a paper garden. Recently found PowerPoppy stamps, so beautiful.