Thursday, May 4, 2017

Wrapping up a Glorious Day

That gorgeous green road we headed down at the end of yesterday's post...

... has brought us here to a wide open meadow that fills with water during the rainy season.

It dries out later in the summer to reveal all sorts of interesting plants, but for now it's lush with aquatic life of the Golden Retriever variety.

Below is our little LuLu with her tear-drop eyes and sweet smile.  At five years old she still looks like a puppy to me.

Behind us we have a view across the bay of an old hotel framed in the branches of a flowering tree.  There are a few of these trees out there.  Not sure what they are or how they've come to be there.  Apple?

The property we're on belongs to the port.  This was once a thriving port town -- creameries, ship building, sawmills, a paper mill... to name a few of the industries that kept us going.  We were the largest lumber shipping port in the world.  They took that sign down quite a few years ago.

We lingered here for quite a while, knowing we'd have to head back soon.  One more leg of the trip...

... with another path to follow through the trees...

... into another open field.

Eventually we looped around to the same green road we came in on.

We walked for miles and didn't even cover half the territory this day.  There are other paths, other fields and ponds.  We go here at least once a week, sometimes twice, and never grow tired of it.  At high tide we go down to the bay.  Another path leads to a place we call Jurassic Pond.  We see deer, ducks, wild turkeys, herons, and more.  It's quiet except for the birds and tree frogs and the sounds that carry across the bay to remind us how lucky we are to be able to get away from it all so close to home.

I hope you'll take the time to click on a pic, and I truly hope you enjoyed this time with me, Rich, Wally, and LuLu.  It was a real treat for me to be able to share it with you.  I'll be back soon, I hope.  Have a wonderful day!


  1. Thank you for sharing this 'magical' day trip to the woods. Our 'boys' are gone now but I love seeing your two dogs enjoying the walks like we once did.

  2. Smiling..and smiling...and still smiling!. A beautiful place for sure. Made even more beautiful with the four of you. Have a Blessed day and thank you for sharing your stroll with us. ❤😍😘

  3. Smiling..and smiling...and still smiling!. A beautiful place for sure. Made even more beautiful with the four of you. Have a Blessed day and thank you for sharing your stroll with us. ❤😍😘

  4. It still amazes me all the beautiful places within a short drive we are able to enjoy..with or without dogs...and I have lived here all my life :-) TFS your beautiful day with your family, Leslie. We got home last night after our 4 week holiday...Everything is so green, lush and colorful with Spring blooms :-) Hugs...

  5. There is nothing that can "reset" your mind quite like a visit to nature! It always puts me in a fantastic mood and you have certainly found a beautiful spot! The fur babies both look SO happy! What a fun day! I'm so glad you shared it!

  6. Very beautiful, Leslie. And peaceful. Wally and Lulu are a delight to see.

  7. There aren't too many things better than stamping but spending an afternoon like this just takes the cake! Thanks for taking us along on Wally and LuLu's adventures! I truly enjoyed their big day!

  8. Now these antics just made me laugh...nothing like a wet Golden...teehee!! I love how they stick together too,,best of buddies they are...a fun fun post thanks so much for sharing your day and I always love to see more!

  9. How wonderful to have a place with so many paths so close to home, we have a couple like that here, it is actually sunny this morning after two days more of rain, so maybe we can get out and walk again :) Love the close up of LuLu, they are just too cute!

  10. How blessed you are to have such beautiful areas to explore. Looks like heaven on earth. Thank you for sharing. I love the pictures of your family. xo

  11. Oh my goodness, such lush green grass and don't Wally & Lulu seem to be having a grand time playing in the water. - What a lovely area to take a nice long walk in.

  12. Beautiful. It looks like you all had a lovely time. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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