Monday, April 30, 2012

Splendor in the Grass–Dec. 17, 2011

Which way did they go?


Just my beautiful Wally.

LuLu has already grown and changed since these photos were taken. At her first vet visit she weighed 6 pounds. On her second visit on 12/9 she weighed 16 pounds. She gets fluffier every day. She’s going to be a lot fluffier than Wally, I think. Please keep her in your prayers, keep your fingers crossed, knock on wood, think positive thoughts – anything you feel works – that her heart murmur disappears by her next visit in January. We hoped it would be gone already, but we’re giving it one more month before further diagnostic procedures. Otherwise she’s thriving and healthy.
Thank you all for everything, but mostly for loving my sweet babies even a fraction as much as I do. Bless your hearts. Have a happy day!

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