Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wally and a Little Something Extra–Nov. 7, 2011

We took a trip out of town to pick something up this weekend and, of course, Wally went along. He loves road trips and all the neat places we stop along the way.


He’s always pretty tuckered out when we get home and likes to curl up with a blankie and a toy for a nap on the couch.


But, what’s that “little something extra” I mentioned – the something we went out of town to pick up? Well, it’s very little… Here’s a hint:

Can you guess?
It’s probably a pretty good hint, isn’t it?
Okay, here you go…
I’d like you to meet Wally’s new baby sister, LuLu!!!

She was pretty tired when we got home, too.

I wish I had better pictures but, believe me, I’ve had my hands full just working out the Wally/LuLu routine. I need to make LuLu feel loved and welcome without disrupting Wally’s routine and making him feel uncomfortable or slighted. LuLu has bonded with me like Super Glue, but she also thinks the sun rises and sets with Wally. On Sunday, when she first joined us, Wally wasn’t too sure about her, but as I write this Monday night, he’s already decided she might be pretty fun to play with. The two of them are trying to figure each other out as to how far they can go. There’s such a huge difference in their sizes, but Wally has been very gentle with her. He’s going to be a wonderful big brother.
We’ve been planning this for a while, but once our decision was made, we had a hard time finding a litter. LuLu is from Washington state. The breeder was making a delivery in Portland, OR and agreed to meet us in Eugene. He said he actually prefers doing deliveries because he likes to see the prospective home of his pup. That was reassuring to me, too, knowing our little LuLu had been so well cared for. I sent him a link to the Wally category of my blog and that was reassurance enough for him.
So here she is, asleep at my feet:

And Wally is happy and relaxed at his usual spot on the couch:

There are going to be good times ahead. Thank you for being here to welcome LuLu into our lives.

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