Wednesday, April 25, 2012

You’d Think They’d Find Something Else to Do–Oct. 10, 2010


Wally's friend, Magnum, came for a visit again this weekend. It was rainy and I had some stamping projects that needed finishing, so I envisioned the boys entertaining each other while I went about my business. Well... I was sitting at the computer editing photos when I took this picture. I could have taken similar pictures when I was in my stamp room... or the kitchen... or, well, any room in the house. You can see what good buddies they are, but they're still happiest when interacting with their people, and they play best in front of an audience.
So this is pretty much how it went... they'd follow me from room to room and every now and then I'd get down and just wallow in all that love and adoration. Bless their sweet little hearts! I hope you felt loved today, too.

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