Saturday, April 14, 2012

Another Day in Paradise–July 14, 2007

Today was one of those incredibly still and beautiful days we get before a rain. Mostly overcast but warm and so quiet you could hear the buzz of a bee in the far distance. I must have been the only person home in the neighborhood today, too, because there weren’t even any of those sounds. Maybe everyone stayed inside, put off by the overcast sky, thinking it a dreary day. It was anything but a dreary day in the garden.

The first photo is a view of the upper level of the side garden. To the left of the photo the garden slopes down, accessed by a set of brick stairs and a grassy “road” with a terraced bed between the two. I’ve shown glimpses of those areas in photos I’ve posted before. I’m standing near the honeysuckle arbor where the path curves around to the back yard. The yellow bench in the distance sits on our tiny patio off the kitchen and beyond that the path curves around the front of the house toward the driveway.
The second photo is across the path, sort of skipping over top of the sunken area and looking to the upper level beyond it. Our stone walk is a work in progress. I envision it cushioned with steppable ground covers, making the path more a part of the garden, less raw and glaring. It can actually be quite blinding on a sunny day. It’s paved with Rocky Mountain Rose Quartz and looks like it’s sprinkled with glitter when the sun hits it just right.

Let’s go around to the front of the house, now, but rather than curving to the right behind the yellow bench in the first photo, we’ll step through that little break between the butterfly bush and the Rose Glow barberry. We then enter a grassy area where the picnic table sits under the cherry tree. I’ve stamped out there before but I’ll confess, the garden does distract me.

“When bright flowers bloom parchment crumbles, my words fade, the pen has dropped.”  ~  Morpheus
I thought I’d make quick work of my gardening today so I could spend the afternoon stamping. Who was I kidding, I wonder? I simply cannot resist the lure of the garden on one of the few days I’m able to enjoy it. I guess I’ll be doing some evening stamping after dinner… Until my next post, take care and enjoy your weekend!

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