Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Worn Out Wally -- Sept. 28, 2009

I could kick myself for forgetting my camera for Wally’s big day up the river — I’m such a bad Mom! I thought I’d share some “after” photos, though. You can probably see how much he’s grown and changed. Where, oh, where did that little puppy go in such a short amount of time? He’ll always be a sweet, fuzzy baby to my eyes… you know how moms are.

Wally spent quite a lot of time falling in the water today… not so much time swimming. Not to worry, it wasn’t very deep. He hasn’t developed a retriever’s love of the water yet. Gee, I thought we could just throw a stick and he’d jump right in after it, but I guess that will come along just like everything else he’s learned so far. He’s such a sweet, lovable, good little guy. Gosh, he sleeps hard after all that exercise! Here, he’s slipped down between two ottomans in front of our sofa, oblivious to the world.

But this is what he looked like when the pizza arrived — hopeful.

However, like a good little boy, he’s learned not to beg when we’re eating, and his way of dealing with that is to nap through our meals.

Poor little worn out Wally. He did liven up long enough to play with his squeaky for a while, but then he was right back to snoozing. Tomorrow will bring more adventure and discovery. All of life is new and exciting for a three month old. I hope you had a great weekend, too. Thank you for dropping in on us!

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