Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Weekend Wally -- Oct. 28, 2009

We had one beautiful day over the weekend and it seemed like a good day for a swim.


My camera battery promptly went dead after the first few photos — no warning, no red battery icon, simply dead. Wally didn’t mind, though. Just tuck that camera away and climb the sand dune, hike the trail, explore the woods. This pretty little lake is near our home, off the beaten path. You can’t see it from the highway and no signs point in its direction. Nobody knows it’s there but a few locals, and even then it’s not a busy place. We had it all to ourselves on Saturday.

Across the lake, not pictured here (dead battery) is a sandy beach and steep sand dune. Climb to the top for a magnificent view of the dunes, the ocean, and everything else as far as the eye can see. And not a soul in sight. It was a very good day.
I wish I had some better photos, but just wanted to share something of Wally before he’s full grown. It’s happening so fast! He still acts such a puppy, and so sweet and lovable, but, my, he’s getting to be a big boy.

It’s been wet and cold since Saturday, so thank goodness for that one good day.  Of course, I’ve been at work, anyway…sigh… Wishing you a beautiful day, regardless of the weather. See you again soon!

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