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Time in the Garden–July 1, 2007

garden-slopeI’ve been home from work this week, a little vacation from the daily routine. I spent some time with friends and family, did a little shopping and stamping, finished a book, watched some movies — mostly all the same things I try to stuff into the work week but without the schedule, the hurrying and the sleep deprivation.

Throughout all of it was my desire to spend time in the garden. Nothing is more calming and tranquil for me than my garden sanctuary. Everything just melts away in the middle of all that green. Today was one of those days. The forecast said rain and when there’s rain in the offing it’s always preceded by the most gloriously exquisite day. I live on the Oregon Coast and our property is situated not far from the ocean, very temperate and when the thermometer reaches 70 degrees, we’re getting pretty warm. If it’s 80 degrees I get downright sluggish. Almost every year we have a lone 100 degree day and our world almost stands still. Today was in the upper 60′s — room temperature.

The first picture is one of the easier areas to photograph in the middle of the day because it’s in the shade. Those sunny spots might look fabulous in real life, but a photo from my little digital camera without a polarizing filter winds up looking pretty washed out. The shady areas are never quite ablaze with color but I love all those different shades and textures of green. The chartreuse froth under the orange lilies is Lady’s Mantle. I planted it there but it reseeds like crazy and it’s become the foundation of much of the garden. It’s everywhere, but very welcome. Everything looks good with it.
The second photo is a section of the front walk. I can never get over the glory of this barberry. I trim it into a rounded shape every year in March and it erupts into this riotous display by June. Beyond it is the gray-green foliage and purple blooms of a butterfly bush. I hope you’ve had the pleasure of sinking your nose into the soft cushion of this flower and inhaling its fragance (but, hopefully, a bee didn’t have the same idea at the same time). The scent of these flowers transports me to another time for some reason. It evokes a memory that I can’t quite put my finger on. I’ve puzzled over it many times; I can smell the memory, but I can’t visualize it. It’s very pleasant and comforting, though. It’s always been lilacs that I associate with my Mom, but I can’t figure out this butterfly bush… I’m sorry the camera washed out the pink cranesbill across the path from the butterfly bush. Try to imagine those big purple blooms bowing over the emerald carpet, nearly reaching into the cloud of pink. That path is like a gateway to a secret garden. Turn left and you enter the area shown in the first photo. Turn right and…well…maybe we’ll go there later.
Finally, the last photo is a companionable pair I look forward to every year — purple smoke tree and spirea. They’re in the front walk, too, but not included in that photo.
Sadly, the wheelbarrow now rests against its tree behind the garden shed and the gloves are in their drawer. My week at home is done. I feel very fortunate to be able to come home for lunch on the patio and you can bet I’ll be walking out there with my coffee in the morning. It’s my equivalent of yoga. This week will be nice with Wednesday off for Fourth of July. Not so bad.

I hope you all have a good Monday. I’ll bet you’ve already been doing fun Fourth of July stuff! Usually we’re hearing a lot of firecrackers by this time, but nothing yet. I’ll see you back here soon. Take care!


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