Monday, April 23, 2012

A Spring Day at Home–April 17, 2010

After the work week and all that time spent indoors there's absolutely nothing that makes me happier or more content than to spend a day wandering around the old homestead. Wally and I went out with plans to work on our trails in the woods but, frankly, it was so pleasant and there were so many pretty and awesome things to see, we ended up mostly just walking and taking it all in, marveling at the details and filling up with wonder.


The Allium is in its full glory, releasing its onion scent at the slightest brush of the hand. I tend to get an appetite when I'm around it. I like onion.

These wild violets are growing and blooming abundantly in the woods behind our house.


These are wild rhododendrons, not yet in bloom, but beautiful nonetheless. Perhaps this photo gives you an idea of how tall they are, reaching for the light beyond the forest understory. In the past, I've always viewed their blooms from my elevated vantage point at the edge of the garden -- beyond the honeysuckle at the turn in the path. When I began creating paths through the woods as a way to extend Wally's territory (not that he needed the paths, but I did) I inadvertently wound up here at the mystical rhododendron grove. The brush and the blow down were thick and in many cases when I started clearing I had only a vague idea of where I would end up. The other day I scouted the uncharted territory past this point and found the grove to be much more extensive than my garden view had realized. To think, they're out there blooming all pink and beautiful every year and I'd never even favored them a glance. If a rhododendron blooms in the woods and no one's there to see it, does it still look pretty?

These are the days that heighten my awareness of my good fortune, being rich beyond measure in all things that really matter. I have love and companionship in my family and friends, I have my passions, and I'm able to experience life with all five senses. Yes, I have stressors, I've experienced loss and disappointment, but today those things weren't with me. Maybe I can carry a little bit of today into the week with me.

Take good care, and I'll see you again soon.

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