Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mystery Ship–March 2, 2008

The weather was so beautiful today (Sunday) – sixty degrees and sunny. How could we not go to the beach? We decided to take a four-wheel drive cruise out to see the Mystery Ship. They’re calling it that for the tourist trade but, in fact, it’s a 1944 shipwreck that’s been completely buried under the sand for so many years it had been forgotten. High tides and winter storms this year have altered the beaches to such an extent that all manner of mysteries are rising to the surface.


Isn’t it amazing to think that this was under a sand bank all those years – people walking, playing, driving over top of it with never a thought for its existence? Doesn’t it make you wonder what might be under your feet right now? I was a little in awe, to tell you the truth — not just because of the shipwreck. Heaven knows, they don’t call our stretch of the Oregon Coast The Graveyard of Ships for nothing. Just south of us in the Bandon area another wreck was unearthed about the same time, and as we stood alongside this wreckage we were also within sight of the remains of the New Carissa which ran aground in 1999. No…it was, as always, the Big Picture that had me in awe — all the lives and events that have gone before me, the power of Nature, the trivialities I concern myself with. I was humbled.
Here’s my humble self standing beside one of the old, worn out ship’s portholes. I wanted to be sure to include this photo because it’s nice to see who’s doing the talking once in a while, isn’t it?
Well, I won’t keep you much longer on this topic… The thing is, I spend so much time at work and when I’m not there I’m racing to do everything else, I sometimes forget to really feel the world around me. Today I took the time to do that and I thought it might be nice to include all of you (who are a huge part of my life) in the moment. Thank you for coming along with me. Enjoy your week!

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