Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What Has Happened to My Beautiful Garden?–May 16, 2011


I was feeling pretty ragged at the end of last week, and there was nothing I needed more than some soft Wally hugs and rejuvenating time in the garden. Of course, it rained Saturday. Not just a pleasant spring shower, but a cold, saturating, day-long drizzle issuing from a winter-dark sky into the ruins I once called a garden.
The photo above was taken in July 2007. It’s hard to believe that was four years ago already, and yet there have been so many changes – garden changes and life changes. While working to make the outdoor living space more livable, fight off the deer, remove old and/or ailing plants, and accommodate Wally, we have managed to nearly annihilate the garden.
I think it’s time for one of those soft Wally hugs, now. Boy, did I ever get myself some Wally hugs this weekend. Here’s one for you:
Doesn’t he look like a sympathetic soul? There’s a cherry blossom petal clinging to the corner of his eye like a tear. He knew Mom needed a little extra love. Sweet baby.
Sunday was a better day. The rain held off till dinner time and we even had a few patches of sun. The cherry blossoms were falling like snow whenever a breeze came up.
Now, despite all this talk about the beautiful garden that once was, I don’t despair. In fact, I’m feeling more enthusiastic about gardening than I have in years. It’s like a brand new beginning. This is The Summer of the New Garden!

Okay, so it’s not looking great yet, but it will! Pictured above is a small section of the new walk in the making. The surrounding garden area will be even more battered and bruised before it’s done, but that’s where I’ll come in with nearly all new garden beds. Soon.
The landscapers used our old stones to make new wider, better stairs.

They’ll be softened by plantings when the landscapers are gone. Please ignore every eyesore you see. It’s all topsy-turvy with everything shoved askew and raw edges exposed.
Here’s a “before” photo, taken in May 2008. These are the old stairs --->
It’s almost heartbreaking to see how beautiful it was, but the new garden will have a better basic structure, and be more durable and easier to care for. It will also be as glorious as ever, but in a different way. Trust me? Oh, how I’m needing a pep talk long about now. I can’t wait to get down to serious business in the dirt!
For the time being, Wally and I will do what we can – planting pots and working on beds out of harm’s way. On Sunday we planted more pots on the deck and spread compost in an island bed. He’s a good helper. When I’m bent over the task at hand, he’ll come tuck his fuzzy noggin under my chin and give me one of his sweet puppy hugs just when I need it most. Gardening doesn’t get any better than that.

I hope your weekend was good enough to send you into the week with spirit renewed. Thank you for joining me today!

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