Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wally’s First Snow–Nov. 30, 2010

Wait for it… wait for it…


There it is!

Wally had his first encounter with snow last Tuesday. It snowed off and on in the morning, not much more than you see here, but it was quite a surprise for us so early in the year. Naturally, the priority of the day was to get Wally outside to play in it.
What kind of ball is this that feels so cold and wants to fall apart when you catch it? He learned right away that he had to be extra gentle with these balls. He'd jump up to catch them, but rather than chomping down on the snowballs, he'd cradle them carefully in his mouth before laying them at his feet to wait for more. Turns out snow is pretty awesome!
By the next day it was nothing more than frozen clumps of white plopping from the overhead branches. It was sure fun while it lasted!
I hope you're staying warm and making the most of whatever comes your way. Take care!

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