Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wally’s World -- Sept. 7, 2009

Could I possibly be imagining how sweet this face is? No matter how impish he is, or what mischief he’s up to, when he stops and looks at me, he wears this face.

Wally had a big day today. We went for a picnic and a walk in the woods along a creek where we encouraged him to do what he’ll ultimately love most — enjoy the water. I wish my photos of that outing were good enough to share but, unfortunately, I inadvertently had my camera set to underexpose by two stops. Instead, I have this photo which shows how much he’s grown.


And this is how he spent the remainder of the day when we returned home:

Enjoy summer while you can. Pretty soon we’ll all be saying we can’t wait for Spring. Take care!

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