Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wally Turns One Year Old–June 28, 2010

Many of you have known Wally since the day I brought him home – a sweet, innocent fuzzy baby lovingly selected and gently lifted from among his happy, tumbling, familiar siblings… a curtain abruptly drawn on that world and at the same time lifted on a world of uncertainty. What was a puppy to think? Here he is the day we brought him home:


And here is Wally, similarly posed in the same spot on his first birthday, now settled confidently in his home, all the doubt and uncertainty of that first day permanently erased from his memory:

What’s a birthday without a two-layer decorated cake with a candle? Well… almost a candle. I could have sworn I had some birthday candles around here… but Wally didn’t mind that we used a match instead. His “cake” consisted of a layer of turkey, a layer of liver pate, and doggie treats for decoration.

Mmmmmmmm… for me?

Saucer-lickin’ good!


We stopped short of giving him a birthday card and singing “Happy Birthday”, but he did get a new squeaky toy.
I think Wally’s first year has been a good one. I’d say he’s a very lucky dog but, in fact, we, the humans, are the lucky ones. Happy birthday, Wally!
Thank you for joining us for Wally's special day!

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