Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What Better Way to Spend a Lunch Hour?–Feb. 21, 2010

Wally and I have spent many days this winter clearing paths in the woods behind our house. Pictured here is a small portion of the main trail (hurry up, Mom! I want to play in the creek!). Rain or shine, this is where Wally gets his daily exercise. I've created quite a meandering maze back there. It's not an exceptionally large area; there aren't miles of trails, but Wally runs a mile for every step I take.

We've experienced a few days of beautiful spring-like weather, perfect for walks in the woods and soaking up some sun in the garden. What a great way to spend a lunch hour, and with the perfect companion. Wally never complains or gets stressed out.

He's a good listener, too. See how hard he's trying to understand?

I think he's got the general drift of things -- I've told him often enough what a good boy he is and how much I love him. Think I'll tell him again, though, just for good measure. Have a great day!

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