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It’s All About Wally–July 7, 2010

I haven’t been spending much time on the computer lately. When the sun shines I go outside. I walk in the woods, work in the garden, take Wally for a swim. Here on the Oregon coast it’s never so hot you can’t bear it, and despite rumors to the contrary, when the Spring rains are finished, we barely get another drop till Fall, and then only sparingly. It’s one of our most beautiful seasons. The summer wind can be ferocious at times, but not always. As I write this we’re having our second windless day in a row, with temperatures in the mid-‘70s. Feels like Utopia.
As with many homes on the coast, we’ve created outdoor living areas, sheltered from the wind and bathed in sunlight. These sheltered areas are where I color my stamped images, read my books, or when I abandon myself to the moment, I’ll take the occasional brief nap.
We have a south-facing deck – rustic and comfortable. . .

And a back courtyard. . .

It’s newly designed to be dog-friendly, as this is where Wally stays when we’re both at work. He loves to take a flying leap off the retaining wall, roll in the cushy grass, and chew on whatever falls from the overhead tree branches.
This glass enclosure is essentially Wally’s doghouse. . .

We felt he didn’t have a large enough area to get in out of the rain when we were at work so we enclosed the back deck. There’s a door on one end, and the side that faces the courtyard is entirely open. It has become our morning coffee area, which is when these photos were taken. Now… when the deck enclosure was first completed, Wally’s old doghouse was left sitting out in the yard till we had a chance to cart it away. Wally liked his cozy doghouse full of straw and, even though it was out in the middle of the yard and he had a brand new bigger better doghouse, many times I’d come home from work and find him napping in his old doghouse. Good parents that we are, we moved his old doghouse into his new doghouse and now he’s extra cozy.
It’s all about Wally. . .

Wally and I would like to thank you for dropping in. We sure do enjoy your company! Have a great day!

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