Friday, May 4, 2012

It Seems There is No Perfect World

Apparently I can’t reply to your comments unless you have a Blogger profile with your email address enabled.  I Googled and found a lot of into about that.  You can read about it here, for instance.  And what if you have no Blogger profile?  Well, then I can’t reply at all, unless I do a public reply in the form of a comment on the blog post.  Poo!  Who really checks there for an answer to their question?  How can I tell you how glad I was to hear from you?  This, in my opinion, is a HUGE Blogger flaw!

What about all my email subscribers who like to send me a response in an email by clicking “reply”?  I have now enabled my email address in my profile.  Will I still be  It’s all very frustrating, and that was certainly not in the plans when I made this move.

I’ve been asked why I moved to a new blog at all.  Well, a fresh start, for one thing.  A new name, new direction.  Design flexibility.  Free, as opposed to $14.95 per month.

I’ll be working on solutions.

Thank you so much for your patience and for all of you wonderful friends who have already made the move with me.  Welcome to every new reader who stops by.  We’ll get through this.  Somehow.


  1. Leslie, I'm sorry you are having these problems! I'm not really happy with blogger right now, but it is free. Every time I do a post, there seems to be something different going on. It's sort of frustraiting at best. Hang in there girl, you will eventually get all the kinks worked out!

  2. Nothing's ever easy, is it, Leslie? Good luck with all that!

  3. I love the concept of your new blog...puppies and much better could it get! Good luck and looking forward to seeing lots more photo's of the handsome Wally and the sweet LuLu! :))

  4. Maybe you should have named your blog Goldens, Gardens and GLITCHES! ;) Welcome to the fun of Blogger, where "free" comes at a price. LOL I meant to comment yesterday on both sites but got distracted... so let me say it now... please remember that you don't owe us anything and you're not obligated to do anything, including linking up supplies. I'd tell you that it makes me unhappy to know that you were stressing out over providing us all with "the perfect card" on your old blog, but that might make it seem my happiness is more important than yours. LOL Relationships are complicated, even if it's over a blog and with a somewhat anonymous "us" out here.=) When all is said and done... you DO owe it to your honey, to Wally, to LuLu, and most of all to yourself to do what satisfies your soul and makes you happiest. So, go to it, girl, whatever IT is! =)
    *steps off life philosophy soapbox*

  5. I really know what you mean about pressure to make cards for everyone else. I see cards on Splitcoast gettting huge amounts of hits & think I should change my style to theirs or nobody will look at mine. I finally decided that I'm making cards for MY pleasure first so as long as I am happy with how they turned out, that is all that really matters. I will still be following you! I love your work & of course, Wally & LuLu too. Good luck with the new blog!

  6. The reply issue is a big one...I have many times not been able to contact a person because they have no profile set up. I always feel bad..don't want anyone to think you don't care about their comments!