Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lots ‘o Pots

I have a lot of flower pots planted around the garden.  They’re here, there, and everywhere – hanging from porch roofs and tree branches, sitting on decks, along the pathways, and nestled within the flower beds, themselves.  I ran out of decorative pots for my annuals this year and just started planting them in any old pot I could find.  It doesn’t matter – bloom where you’re planted.  Now all they need is some sun and warmth to get them growing.  They’ll be gorgeous when they fill out.


                                                                                                                      IMG_0543IMG_0544IMG_0579 (2)


                                                                                                                     IMG_0552IMG_0553IMG_0554 (2)





I love flowers!  Have a happy day!


  1. You are amazing. It must take an hour to water all of them. Beautiful, beautiful.

  2. An amazind display of color. You have so many gorgeous blooms already! I too love flowers, but I think you outdid me! Not only do you have to water, but also feed them so you must spend many hours in your garden. Just a delight to see these photos!

  3. Goodness, beautiful! May I come sit in your garden and enjoy them in person?

  4. Oh my gosh, Leslie - this is so AWESOME!!!! I would so love to come and visit and just sit and look at your beautiful garden!! Thanks so much for sharing the wonderful pictures.

  5. My, you have been busy Leslie. Your flowers are lovely and will be stunning when they're fully grown. I smiled at the Lobelia in the blue polka dot mug, so cute, I wouldn't have thought of planting in this. I've gotten lazy in the garden in recent years. I replaced the lawn with tree bark interspersed with perennials and shrubs to add colour. It's cleaner when the dogs come in, as the grass always got mucky in wet weather, which we do see often in Scotland. I do plant a few pots and tubs with annuals or bi annuals to brighten the slabbed and patio areas though.

  6. Love all of the pots. My favorite one is the coffee mug. But doesn't it take you lots of time to water all of them? I have a few pots in my limited garden and during the hot midwest summers they need watering every day.

  7. You have quite the green thumb, Leslie! All of the gardening talent in my family belongs to my husband. I especially love the yellow and pink flowers in the first picture and the white, daisy-like flower with the purple center. Gorgeous!

  8. What an array of color-so pretty. Like your off-beat ideas for planters. Thanks for Sharing!

  9. Very colorful, Leslie. I love verbena as it stands up to the heat here but have never seen the two-tone white/pink in your IMG 0549. Likewise, osteropernum (sp) can't take the heat but is nice until the temp hits 90. Don't those happy Golden tails knock over some of the pots? Well, I'm off to water my flowers now.

  10. I thought I had a lot of pots! Yours are gorgeous!

  11. Brillian pops of color. I can just imagine how enjoyable your yard must be! I recognized quite a few of the speciments.. but.. may I ask... can you share the name of the white flower that is in the blue polka-dotted mug? I think I'd like to look for some for my own garden here on the East Coast. Sincerely, Beverly

  12. Reminds me of the nursery rhyme - Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow! It looks fabulous and will look so much better as they progress and fill out. Love your little coffee mug with the white flowers.

  13. Beautiful! You are not only a talented artist, a great Mom to your beautiful "kids", but you are just an amazing gardener! I see so many pictures to use for inspiration in my card making.... hmmm, let's see, where do I start? Lovely pops of color and texture and design. Just gorgeous! TFS !

  14. Francie (Montreal)May 31, 2012 at 9:50 AM

    A veritable shmorgishborg for the eyes! Glorious colours, lovely shapes, creative pots. I’ll bet Flourishes could make some lovely stamps out of them. Besides growing the blooms with a green thumb, you paint them beautifully too. A lady of many talents!

  15. Beautiful! I also love flowers, and yours are gorgeous! Can you please adopt me? LOL

  16. Oh, Leslie, your flowers are absolutely beautiful! I especially love the painted
    daisy (I think that's what it is); white petals with the beautiful blue/purple
    centers. I thought I had a LOT of have me backed off the map! LOL
    Do you plant any "callies" - callebrochoa? We buy them already potted in a hanging
    basket with several different colors of the flowers in the same pot. They need a
    lot of sun and water, but they are lovely! Please take more pics of your plants
    as they mature through the summer. Happy gardening!

    Sherry in MI

  17. You like flowers... No WAY... really. :0) Beautiful flower garden Leslie. My tulips came back this year thanks to your advice. So I can only imagine what your yard looks like all year! Hope today is wonderful. give the fur babies a hug for me.

  18. Oh My Miss Leslie! How Gorgeous! LOVE all your Beautiful potted flowers! Your garden must be Amazing! What a wonderful place to be! Wish I had two of me, one to work on cards and craftiness, and one to work on the garden and planting flowers, lol seems I get consumed by either on or the other and don't have time for both, and currently it's my cards that take up most of my time right now, lol But I sure do love flowers too! 8-)


  19. Beautiful. I would love to be able to grow flowers and plants like you can Leslie. What a wonderful display.

  20. With a garden this gorgeous, how do you ever go inside? This much beauty has to just fill you with such peace & joy. Between the garden & your fur babies, you have created your own Heaven!

  21. Gorgeous even if not filled out yet. I think I finally finished planting the last of my annuals. This time all volunteers from the vegie garden...nasturtums and calendulas. So nice to see the sun the last few days.

    Happy gardening my friend..

  22. These photos could be in any magazine gardening article! But that goes for any of your garden photos. And they're also inspirational. I'm so glad you started this special blog. I'll be back at it again today. We're having a few nice cool days for gardening. Linda