Monday, May 7, 2012

Puppies in the Pines

What the pines, in this case, amount to is a big brush pile in a local state park.  It will be hauled away later, but this weekend it was a fun place for the puppies to explore after a swim in the lake.


I couldn’t have chosen a more coordinated setting for this close up of Wally. 


LuLu with her softer coloring looks pretty, too.  She’s shaping up into a fine young lady.


How about an action photo.  We call this Wally’s tyrannosaurus pose.

IMG_0442 (2)

One more of the precious pair.

IMG_0444 (2)

It was a beautiful weekend.  Could have been warmer, but I remind myself it’s May on the Oregon coast.  I was just happy it was dry!  Have a good week!


  1. Wally and LuLu are so photogenic and each are gorgeous representatives of Goldens!

  2. Looks like you had an awesome day! I like your new profile picture, too. Not sure how long it's been changed, but I just noticed it today:)

  3. Francie (Montreal)May 7, 2012 at 5:17 AM

    Happy Monday Morning, I adore the pups, but I have never told you how much I like your photography. It's fabulous and the captions are priceless. The current photos are out of this world.

  4. You certainly know how to get beautiful shots of those two, they'll be used to the camera now as they seem to be looking for the birdie and smile for it too, lol.
    It looks like you all had a fun day, even if it was a bit cooler.tfs

  5. LOVE these photos, Leslie! And I love your new blog! Your pictures of the kids are always wonderful, and your joy shows through them! I'm so glad you've found your happy medium!! Hugs!

  6. Love your beautiful puppies - such wonderful pictures. I like your new blog - thanks for sharing a touch of your life with us.

  7. Have to agree with Francie Miss Leslie! Your photography is Fabulous! Wow! You always capture Wally and Lulu at their most expressivness, ( I know, not a word, but you know what I mean.. lol ) They are so precious! Wally is so Handsome and Wow Lulu is sure becoming quite the Lovely Young Lady too! Gorgeous pics and looks like it was definitely a Wonderful day! 8-)


  8. Hi Lesley
    I adore your doggies.I have a Golden Retriever and a Bearded Collie
    Every day i would look through your Blog with your beautiful cards but i have to say Wally and LuLu steal the show they are so Adorable.It's so refreshing to see a blog about beloved doggies.You take beautiful photos and you Capture the Doggies so beautiful.Look Forward to seeing many more photos of Wally and LuLu and what they get up to.Take care Hazel from Scotland xx

  9. Ahhh so cute! I like the new picture of you and the kids.

    Ter ;)

  10. Looking at LuLu,I find it hard to believe how much she has grown & changed since I first fell in love with her. She is looking more like a young lady now than a "toddler" and the two of them are just so perfect together.

  11. Ahhh! The call of the wild! They are certainly in their element, and having a great time romping in the woods! Gorgeous puppies and gorgeous photography! Love it!!

  12. Happiness all around. Lulu is looking so grown up! Love Wally's "Rex" pose. Your fantastic photos could populate several Golden Calendars. I'm so glad you started this blog! Linda

  13. You know, Leslie, I do believe your blog could be used for medicinal purposes...lowers blood pressure & reduces stress just by looking thru your awesome photos. Love that second one of Wally peeking thru the branches...with the pinecones on the side....perfect!! Miss LuLu is as adorable as ever, too.

  14. Leslie, you take such wonderful photos. Wally and Lulu really come alive in them. Love the Wally close up photo.